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In case you have a separate title page you will most likely want it to be neither numbered nor counted. You might even have several starting pages which you don’t want numbered. Numbering should then start with number 1 beginning with your first Default text page. For this you will need two separate page styles.

Step by step:

  • go to menu Format › Styles and Formatting (F11)
  • press the 4th icon to open the list of Page Styles (illustration 18)
Wfs may2014 019-4th icon menubar.png

Illustration 18. The fourth button in the menu bar opens up the list of page formats, one of them being "First Page"

  • right click the style First Page and choose Modify
  • under the tab Organiser › Next Style change the Default to First Page (this way your document could contain several unnumbered preliminary pages)
  • under the tab Page increase left margin to 3cm
  • confirm OK
  • in the list right click on the page style Default and choose Modify
  • here too under tab Page increase left margin to 3cm
  • under the tab Header tick Header on (alternatively choose the tab Footer and tick Footer on) so as to fit your page numbers
Wfs019 march2015 applying style first page.png

Illustration 19. Applying style "First Page" to your title page

  • having thus prepared these two page styles now place the cursor in your very first page of your document, i.e. the title page, and double-click the style First page in your list of Page Styles in order to actually apply it to your title page and the following pages (this demonstrates that styles need to be actually applied with a double-click – changing a style doesn’t mean you’re necessarily actually going to use it)
  • place your cursor at the very bottom of your title page and using Ctrl + Return insert a new page for the table of contents; this new page will automatically also be in style First page
  • in this second First Page insert your table of contents (see section 6)
  • place your cursor immediately below your table of contents
  • go to menu Insert › Manual Break › Page break and choose Default Style
  • choose Change page number starting from 1 as in illustration 20
Wfs may2014 020 page break.png

Illustration 20. Applying page break

  • confirm OK

So now you have two First Pages followed by Default Pages beginning with number 1 as in illustration 21.

Wfs may2014 021-pages with without numbering.png

Illustration 21. Document containing two preliminary pages followed by numbered text pages

Separate Document for the First Page?

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to insert simple page breaks using Ctrl + Return as well as to switch page styles and restart numbering using Manual Page Breaks it is quite obvious you don’t need separate files for the different parts of your thesis. In fact, separate files have a whole number of serious drawbacks:

  • you’ll soon loose track of which files (title page, text, literature list etc.) belong to which on your hard disk
  • you’ll find it difficult to create a single final PDF-document for publication or mailing purposes
  • you loose the capacity to automatically create your table of contents and other indices

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