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  1. Download unformatted file “prax-en.txt”:
    • go to
    • in the English section Right-click on file [txt]
    • choose option Save link as
    • choose Desktop or other location
    • confirm Save
  2. Open downloaded file:
    • start OpenOffice Writer
    • go to menu File > Open
    • choose the file prax-en.txt and confirm Open
    • go to download location
  3. save your file in OpenOffice format:
    • open Menu File › Save as…
    • choose File type › ODF Text Document (.odt)
    • confirm Save
  4. Apply paragraph Style “Text Body”:
    • mark whole document using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + a
    • apply paragraph style Text Body using shortcut Ctrl + 0
    • leaving text still marked open menu Format › Default Formatting (shortcut Ctrl + m)
    • unmark your text by leftclicking anywhere in document
  5. Modify paragraph style “Text Body”:
    • right-click any paragraph
    • choose option Edit Paragraph Style… (not Paragraph…)
    • check that top bar of pop-up menu does indeed display “Paragraph Style: Text Body
    • make following changes:
    • under tab Indents & Spacing increase line spacing to 1.5 lines
    • under tab Alignment choose Options › Justified
    • under tab Text Flow activate Hyphenation › Automatically,increasing Characters at end of line as well as Characters at beginning of line from 2 to 3; also tick options Orphan Control and Widow Control
  6. Format chapter headings:
    • open menu Format › Styles and Formatting (F11)
    • in the pop-up list of paragraph styles right-click the style Heading 1 and choose Modify
    • under tab Indents & Spacing make following changes:
      • Spacing › Above paragraph: 1,2cm
      • Spacing › Below paragraph: 0,6cm
    • under tab Font choose:
      • Font › Garamond (or Times)
      • Size › 16pt (replace symbol % with letters pt)
      • Typeface › Bold
    • repeat these last steps for paragraph style Heading 2 (i.e. second level) but using these values instead:
      • Spacing › Above paragraph to 0,8cm
      • Spacing › Below paragraph to 0,4cm
    • Font › Garamond (or Times)
      • Size › 13pt
      • Typeface › Bold
  7. Activate chapter numbering:
    • Open menu Tools › Outline Numbering
    • in the left column Level choose 1
    • in drop-down menu Number choose option 1, 2, 3 …
    • repeat for Level > 2
    • ensure that for level 2 Show sublevels is set to 2
    • confirm OK
  8. Mark chapter headings:
    • place cursor in first chapter heading “Introduction”
    • remove existing numbering (“1”) as well as space
    • press shortcut Ctrl + 1 to apply paragraph style Heading 1
    • repeat these steps for first five chapters
    • in chapter 5 look out for subheadings (the ones beginning with “?”), delete the question mark and spaces and apply style Heading 2 using shortcut Ctrl + 2
  9. Format first page:
    • mark the contents of your title page including the date of publication (try to use shift + arrow keys instead of mouse pointer to do this)
    • open menu Format › Paragraph… (not the menu Format › Styles and Formatting!!)
    • under tab Indents & Spacing apply following values:
      • Line Spacing › Single
      • Spacing › Below paragraph › 0cm
      • confirm OK
    • with contents of title page still marked center justify it with button Centered in menu bar
    • increase font size from 12pt to 14pt (again using menu bar)
    • mark main title “Apache OpenOffice Writer for students”
    • increase font size to 20pt
    • mark just the word “Writer”, increase font size from 20pt to 36pt and apply typeface Bold
  10. Insert new page after title page:
    • place cursor pointer directly to the right of publication date and press Ctrl + return to force a page break
    • note the blue line at the top of the new page symbolizing a page break
  11. Insert table of contents:
    • open menu Insert › Indexes and Tables › Indexes and Tables…
    • confirm OK
  12. Modify table of contents:
    • right-click your table of contents
    • choose option Edit Index/Table
    • under tab Index/Table reduce Evaluate up to level down to 2 (so even if your text contains three or more levels of chapter headings only the first two will be listed)
    • under the tab Entries place the cursor inside the white space between the entries E# and E
    • click once on the button Tab stop (in case you by mistake insert more than one Tab stop, you can delete it with Del key)
    • click on button All (so that both your levels have same entries)
    • confirm OK
  13. Format table of contents:
    • right click any level 1 entry in your table of contents
    • choose option Edit paragraph style…
    • under tab Indents & Spacing enter following values:
      • Indent › Before text › 0,8cm (positive value)
      • Indent › First line › -0,8cm (negative value)
      • Spacing › Above paragraph › 0,4cm
      • Line spacing › Single
      • Confirm OK
    • repeat these steps for second level entries with following values:
      • Indent › Before text › 1,8cm (positive value)
      • Indent › First line › -1cm (negative value)
      • Spacing › Above paragraph › 0,2cm
      • Line spacing › Single
      • Confirm OK
  14. Insert new page after table of contents
    • place cursor immediately underneath your table of contents
    • open menu Insert › Manual Break… › Type › Page Break
    • choose page Style › Default
    • click Change page number
    • insert value 1
    • confirm OK
  15. Prepare style First page
    • open menu Format › Styles and Formatting
    • in menu bar choose fourth button from left for Page Styles
    • under tab Organizer choose as Next Style › First Page (this will allow you to have more than one non-numbered First page)
    • under tab Page increase Margins › Left Margin › 3cm
    • confirm OK
  16. Prepare style Default Page
    • open menu Format › Styles and Formatting (F11)
    • again choose fourth button from left in menu bar for Page Styles
    • right-click on the page style Default
    • choose option Modify and make following changes:
      • under tab Header activate Header › Header on
      • under tab Page increase Margins › Left margin to 3cm
      • confirm OK
  17. Apply style First Page
    • place your cursor anywhere in your title page
    • open menu Format › Styles and Formatting (F11)
    • again choose fourth button from left in menu bar for Page Styles
    • double-click on style First Page (make sure to actually double-click)
  18. Add page numbering
    • place cursor inside empty header of any standard text page
    • open menu Insert › Fields › Page number
    • right align your newly inserted page number using appropriate button in menu bar
    • refresh numbering in menu Tools › Update › Update all

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