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Avoid bold type in order to emphasise a word, instead use italics. In the old days of mechanical typewriters you couldn’t do that. So instead people would hammer over the text two or three times to achieve boldness, or they would underline their text, or possibly choose to s p a c e o u t the passage or use CAPITAL LETTERS. You could even combine all these giving you a grand total of 16 alternatives. Print shops in the old days of lead type, especially those with insufficient financial means and cramped space to store all these types had no other option. Thanks to laser printers and other modern print techniques these workarounds are no longer necessary. Italics have the advantage of sticking out just enough to be noticed without disturbing the overall picture.

Another pretty old fashioned method used in literature lists to emphasise the author’s name is the use of SMALL CAPITALS. See section 23 on how to format your Bibliography.

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