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Roman page numbering say for an introduction is quite simple:

  • place cursor on any Default page formatted to your taste (see chapter 12)
  • open menu Format › Styles and formatting (F11)
  • click 4th icon from left to open Page styles (see illustration 18)
  • click the black triangle ▼ facing downwards and choose New Style from Selection in order to create a new style based on the presently active one (illustration 22)
Wfs022 march2015 new style from selection.png

Illustration 22. Black triangle above right to create "New Style from Selection"

  • under the tab Organiser type Roman and as Next style also Roman so as to allow for several consecutive pages with Roman numbering (you might prefer to call your new style Introduction instead)
  • under the tab Page switch the numbering Format from Arabic to Roman (see illustration 23)
Wfs019-Roman numbering.png

Illustration 23. In drop-down menu Format choose format i, ii, iii ...

  • you needn’t make other modifications such as increasing left margin from 2cm to 3cm or activating a Header since these have already been taken over from the Default page style (this is precisely the purpose of the option New Style from Selection)
  • place the cursor at the very end of your last non numbered preliminary pages
  • open menu Insert › Manual break › Page break and under Style choose Roman and also Change page number to 1 (it will automatically be formatted as i, ii, iii…)
  • confirm OK
  • further on in text place cursor at the very end of your last Roman style page
  • again open menu Insert › Manual break › Page break and under Style choose this time Default; and again Change page number to 1 (it will automatically be formatted as 1, 2, 3…)
  • confirm OK

So what have we achieved by this? Your document now contains three page styles:

  1. ✔ First page style for the title page
  2. ✔ Roman page style for preliminary content numbered i, ii, iii…
  3. ✔ Standard page style for main part number 1, 2, 3…

In between the styles you inserted a manual page break and restarted numbering.

Documentation note.png Apache OpenOffice insists on turning any page with an uneven page number into a right page just like in any magazine. So if you insert, say, a manual page break at the end of page 3 and tell the programme to restart page numbering with a 1, it will insert a blank page to “carry” the page number 4. This behaviour is correct. You cannot delete this blank page but you can choose not to print it by unchecking Print automatically inserted blank pages under the tab Writer in the print pop-up menu.

You can also choose not to export this blank page to PDF: open menu File › Export as PDF… and under tab General deselect the option Export automatically inserted blank pages.

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