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Sounds simple enough but often involves mishaps. Please heed the following advice:

    1. strictly limit yourself to lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores only
      1. this will increase legibility
      2. you will avoid problems with different operating systems*
    2. save your work regularly, about every five minutes, using ascending numbering and easy to remember mnemonics:
      1. self_explanatory_descriptive_title_01
      2. self_explanatory_descriptive_title_02
      3. self_explanatory_descriptive_title_03
    3. mail your work to yourself regularly, so you have access to it from anywhere you might be; don’t rely on memory sticks

* Just to illustrate the problem: Linux, unlike Windows, will treat “Thesis.doc”, “THESIS.DOC” and “thesis.doc” as three separate files. Linux will also order all capitals before minuscules.

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