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Occasionally it is technically not possible to simply right click on an image you would like to insert from a website or from a PDF document. It might for example be part of a protected PDF document which you can view but cannot download or print. Illustration 29 is a case in point. Here you need to take a screenshot and remove areas you don’t need. I highly recommend the fast and easy to use freeware programme Xnview (or Ksnapshot under Linux) for this task. Here is how you go about it using Xnview (basically same procedure for Ksnapshot):

  1. Position the internet page on your screen so you see the relevant part you need; magnify to the maximum fit.
  2. Launch Xnview.
  3. Press the icon Capture (the camera) to take a screenshot.
  4. Choose the window you want to capture.
  5. As soon as your screenshot appears, select area you actually want and press Shift + x so as to remove unwanted surrounding area (menu Edit › Crop).
  6. Press Ctrl + a to mark remaining contents and Ctrl + c to copy these into memory.
  7. Back in your thesis press Ctrl + v to insert image into your text.
  8. Using right mouse button on your image add a Caption as in Illustration 29.
Wfs may2014 029 source http www poverty.png

Illustration 29: source

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