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Line Numbering comes in handy for interviews, enabling references of the kind: ‘See line 22’. However you probably won’t want all the lines of your thesis numbered but rather only the lines of the actual interview. And if you have several interviews they should most likely each start with the number 1.

Here is how to go about it:

  • go to menu Tools › Line Numbering and tick the box Show numbering; change the Interval from 5 to 1 lines to facilitate location; untick the box Blank lines because it makes little sense to count empty lines; from now on line numbering is turned on globally
  • open your list of paragraph styles (menu Format › Styles and Formatting); right-click the paragraph style Default and choose the option Modify; under the tab Outline & Numbering untick Include this paragraph in line numbering; this turns off line number for all paragraph styles based on Default
  • in the list of paragraph styles (F11) again right-click the paragraph style Text Body and choose option New
  • name your new style Interview
  • under the tab Outline & Numbering activate Include this paragraph in line numbering (the opposite of what you did in step 2); from now on only lines of Interview style paragraphs will be numbered
  • mark your interview paragraphs and in the list of paragraph styles double-click on the style Interview to apply it to the marked text
  • in case your text contains several interviews, you will probably want to restart numbering beginning with the first paragraph of each one; to do that, right click it and choose Paragraph (not Edit Paragraph Style…) and under the tab Outline & Numbering tick Restart at this paragraph

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