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You might want someone to check your thesis or any other really important paper before handing it in. At the same time you would most likely also want to see any changes or suggestions he or she may have made before accepting or possibly rejecting them, and not simply rely on blind faith. I myself do that regularly with other translators I cooperate with. For this purpose use the menu Edit › Changes.


  • you send the finished text to the corrector
  • she opens the file and chooses the menu Edit › Changes › Record as well as Show (from this point on any additions or deletions she makes are marked in colour and her name as well as date and time of each change are registered)
  • she mails you your file with her changes
  • you save your file under a new name to be on the safe side (see section 39)
  • you open your file and choose the menu Edit › Changes › Accept or Reject
  • a list of changes pops up; clicking on any one of them brings you to the text passage in question and you can choose to Accept or Reject it (alternatively you can accept or reject changes directly in your text using the right mouse button)
  • if several people are involved as correctors, each one should have registered their name under Tools › Options › › User Data; this way everybody will know who suggested which changes

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