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The format of your Default pages – the ones carrying the main body of your text – needs to bemodified giving it a larger left margin of 3cm for the punch holes and most importantly a Header for the page numbers.*

Here is how to go about it:

  • open the menu Format › Styles and formatting (F11)
  • activate the fourth button to list the Page styles (see illustration 18)
  • right click the Default style
  • choose Modify
  • under the tab Page increase the Margin › Left from 2cm to 3cm
  • confirm OK
  • double click the page style Default in order to apply it to your text
  • back in your text place cursor inside your header
  • open menu Insert > Fields > Page number
  • press button Align right (or shortcut Ctrl + r - see illustration 16)
Wfs may2014 023 buttons alignment.png

Illustration 16. The 4 alignment buttons: left, center, right and justified

Your header can contain other information besides the page number. You might want to add your name or even the title of the current chapter. To achieve this open menu Insert › Fields › Other › Document › Chapter › Chapter number and name › Insert › Close. You would leave this information left aligned, remove the middle tab stop (the ┴ from the ruler bar by pulling it down with your mouse, place cursor to the right next to chapter name, press the Tab key to shift cursor to the right and finally insert the page number as described above. Every time a new chapter starts, the header will change along with it.

* Instead of a Header you might prefer a Footer. Footers used to be very popular, but many students now prefer headers to accommodate not only the page number but also extra information such as his or her name and matriculation number.

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