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More and more students have to give in group papers. Up to four or even more authors might be involved. To facilitate the joining together of the various contributions the group should agree beforehand on certain standards:

  • number of levels of headings
  • automatic chapter numbering (see section 5)
  • use of the paragraph style Text body for the main text and never the style Default
  • no manual formatting, always apply styles and make sure all members of the group apply the same styles with the same names for the same purposes and with the same formatting

Putting the various contributions into one document is then a matter of a few minutes:

  • open a new file
  • insert all the contributions in any order (menu Insert › File)
  • using the Navigator as (section 8) sort chapters as appropriate
  • create your title page and generate your table of contents

Of course you can always make adjustments at a later stage. See also Section 11 to discover an easy way to export styles for later use by yourself or others.

Individual Headers for Each Contributor?

Who made what contribution has of course to be registered. There are basically three options:

  1. List the authors right under the table of contents followed by their chapter numbers.
  2. Put the authors’ names in brackets inside the chapter headings.
  3. Put the authors’ names in the page header.

If you choose option 3 you will need to create a separate Page Style for each author, based on the already existing page style Default. These new styles might be named Leila, John and Shila. Section 16 on ‘Roman Page Numbering’ shows exactly how to do this, therefore we won’t repeat the necessary steps here.

Having created a separate Page Style for each member of your work group, you can then jump from one to the other, e.g. from page styleStandard to page style Leila using menu Insert › Manual Break (illustration 24).

Wfs013-new style Leila.png

Illustration 24. Choosing Page Style Leila

Sticking to our example Leila, you now need to add her name inside the header, leaving it left aligned, remove the tabulator (the upside down ┴) by pulling it down with the mouse pointer, press the Tab key once to position the cursor to the right of the header and finally go to menu Insert › Fields › Page number.

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