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Web addresses tend to get longer by the day. So you could end up with a line like this:

      Please                                 refer                    to:

It would be nicer to have:

Please refer to: http://de.search.yahoo.com/long_chain/long_chain/long_chain/

In other words you want to achieve two things: i) the url should start on the same line as the preceding phrase and ii) you want to be able to insert a line break at the right place.

For this you need to do the following:

  1. Under Tools › Options › Language Settings › Languages tick the box next to Show UI Elements for Bi-directional writing.
  2. Place the cursor after any / or _ where you might want a line break.
  3. Activate the menu Insert › Formatting Mark › No-width optional break.
  4. If you have lots of URLs you can speed up the process by Finding & Replacing (in the menu Edit) all occurrences of / with your new combination of /No-width optional break; conversely, in order to prevent http:// from breaking at the end of a line, you can replace all double occurrences of /No-width optional break with //; you could apply the same logic to the underscore _ and other such typical URL characters.

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