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Numbered and bullet lists can be really nerve-racking. You write a “1.”, “A.” or “*” at the beginning of a paragraph, write some text and then press Return, and off you go: an indented list gets launched and you have no idea how to get out of it. So you might be tempted to disable this function in menu Tools › AutoCorrect Options › Options › Apply numbering - symbol *. That would be a mistake, because in fact lists are extremely useful, especially as they permit reordering of entries with just a couple of clicks.

Here the details:

  1. After typing 1. and some text and pressing Return a pop-up menu Bullets and Numbering appears and the next paragraph automatically begins with 2.
    Wfs may2014 025-bullets numbering.png

    Illustration 25. Pop-up menu for numbered and bullet lists

    1. You can Demote a paragraph or even a selection of paragraphs down a level …
    2. … by clicking the white arrow pointing to the right in the pop-up menu.
    3. Also you can opt for an a), b), c) style numbering …
    4. … with the help of the right-most button in the pop-up menu, Bullets and Numbering, and under the tab Numbering type choosing the style you prefer for the particular level the cursor is in.
    5. Using the double arrow up or the double arrow down you can move a paragraph including all its sub-levels up or down, so entry 2. for instance will switch places with entry 3.
  2. To finish the list place the cursor at the very end of the list and press Enter twice.
  3. To insert a new paragraph without a number choose the symbol in the middle (as in illustration 26) …

    Wfs021-unnumbered item.png

    Illustration 26. Press this button for an unnumbered entry

    … and to insert a new line without creating a new paragraph simply press Shift + Return

  4. Pressing Enter will continue your list.
Documentation note.png In case numbering is broken, i.e. restarts again with a 1. in the middle, you have to place the cursor at the beginning of the first wrongly numbered entry and delete the number backwards pressing the Backspace key twice and then repress Return in order to take on again from there. You might have to repeat this operation a couple of times. A bit fiddly, but it works.

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