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For short papers, say 6 to 10 pages, you don’t really need a title page. All you need is an information section (not a header –see illustration 17) taking up at most a quarter of the first page. Pages will all be numbered starting with 1. The information section would possibly contain following items:

  • title / topic
  • course number
  • lecturer’s name
  • author(s)
  • student ID
  • date / deadline
  • an empty line followed by a separator line (shortcut: three or four Dashes + Return) followed by another empty line

I would recommend using Bold font, size 14pt for the information section.

The actual text should begin immediately below the separator line and all pages including this first one should be numbered – preferably in the page footer rather than the header so as to avoid visual conflict with the information section. If you really want page numbering on top of the page, then you will need two page styles, one First Page with no header and the rest Default with header for numbering. The second page will automatically be numbered 2.

Documentation note.png Do not confuse this information section with a header. A header gets repeated on each page, your information section appears only once on the very first page.
Wfs017-short paper no title.png

Illustration 17. A short paper without a title page

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