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A literature list could look something like this:

Camus, Albert, ‘Le Mythe de Sisyphe’, Paris 1954
Fredrickson, George M., “Racism: A Short History”, Princeton, 2002
Keevak, Michael, “Becoming Yellow: A Short History of Racial Thinking”, Princeton, 2011
Thielen, Marc, “Jenseits von Tradition – Modernität und Veränderung männlicher Lebensweisen in der Migration als

Provokation für die (Sexual-)Pädagogik”, in: Zeitschrift für Pädagogik 6/​2010, Beltz-Verlag
Wilson, John, “The Role of Early Kindergarten Education” in: Quarterly Journal for Child Pedagogy
2005/3, Frankfurt am Main

Notice how the first line starts directly at the left margin, but subsequent lines are indented. This makes it easier for the reader to locate the authors. You will need a new paragraph style for this purpose:
  • open menu Styles and formatting (F11)
  • open list of Paragraph styles (left icon on pop-up menu)
  • right click on the style Default
  • choose New
  • under tab Organiser name your new paragraph style Lit
  • under tab Indents & Spacing set the Indent Before text to 0.8cm and the Indent First line to -0.8cm (i.e. a negative number).
  • mark all the literature entries in your text
  • in your list of paragraph styles double click Lit style so as to apply it to your marked entries
To sort this list alphabetically mark all the entries, open menu Tools › Sort and confirm OK.
Documentation note.png This feature of negative indent is used for other kinds of lists such as dictionaries and indices (often in combination with a Bold font for the keyword). It might also come in handy for interviews to better separate questions from answers.

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