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The First page (title page) preceding the Default pages is the only page where you won’t need styles and indeed should mark your text and format it manually. This is because the title page is unique. Using styles would be just a round-about way of doing things. The only exception I can think of is if you were producing title pages for a publishing house and they all needed to be formatted uniformly. Not really the kind of situation we are confronted with here.

I would suggest the following settings for the title page:

  • a slightly larger base font, e.g. 14pt instead of 12pt
  • 24pt bold for the main title, 20pt standard for the subtitle, both centered and approximately one third down from upper margin
  • Line spacing of 1 and Spacing Above paragraph as well as Below paragraph of 0; this will give the various main elements of your title page (top part, middle part and bottom part) a more compact appearance

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