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Documentation/FAQ//ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What is Apache OpenOfficeDocumentation/FAQ/CalcDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I compute or plot trend lines?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I create a chart in a spreadsheet that is automatically updated when the data is changed?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I extend the range of data shown in my chart after I add new data to my spreadsheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/ErrorsDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/How to get proper Calc Help files for 2.0.1 for Windows?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/I see three hash signs in a cell that formerly held data. How can I see my data again?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/What do each of the error codes (Err NNN) in spreadsheets mean?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why do I see the formula text and not the result of the formula?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why does deleting filtered rows remove other rows too?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/FilesDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/A large Calc spreadsheet was converted from another application. Some of my rows are missing! What happened?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I insert external data into an existing Calc spreadsheet file?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I open a tab-delimited file in Spreadsheet? What if I have a different type of delimiter?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I output my spreadsheet data as an ASCII, delimited text file?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/Is it possible to open a Microsoft Excel file that is protected by a password in Calc?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/My formula from an Excel worksheet doesn't work!Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/Why does Calc refuse to open my .txt file?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Can I center my text so that the text will flow both to the left and right if the cells are empty?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are notes within cells displayed?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are thick lines or borders created around my cells?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create a drop-down list that references a list of values to select from?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create my own sort lists?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I use a dot (.) as decimal sign instead of a comma?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I use conditional formatting?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can links to other workbooks, including vlookups, update dynamically?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I add additional strings or characters to cell contents?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I disable the capitalized letter at the beginning of cells in Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I format cells in Calc so that the rows number automatically?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert a page number in the form of 'Page 1 of N' on each page of a spreadsheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert superscript or subscript text in my spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I make a wide title cell extend across several columns in my spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I rotate a column title so that it fits above my very narrow column?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I use styles and formatting?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I wrap text within a cell in my spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/I have a custom number format that I use, but Calc forgets it.
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Is there a way to add times that total greater than 24 hrs?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Some of the rows or columns in my spreadsheet are hidden. How do I see all rows or columns?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Why are my notes not showing for cells?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/MiscellaneousDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How I change the order of sheets in my spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I create a spreadsheet that is right-to-left oriented?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I delete cell contents immediately with the backspace key like in Excel?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I extend the Calc functions by some extensions?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I rename a sheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I see the row and column captions as I scroll through a sheet that is larger than my display?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I start Calc instead of Writer?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I use cells from different Calc files?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I add up cells, depending on some conditions?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I protect cells in my spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use arrays in Calc?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use regular expressions in Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How is a variable date inserted into a spreadsheet cell?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How to make a checkbox change according to data in another cell?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/I want to select two cells that are not adjacent, but holding down the CTRL key does not seem to work. How can I perform this action?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What's the maximum number of rows and cells for a spreadsheet file?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What is the fastest way to copy a calculation to all rows?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where can I find more documentation for Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where do I find more detailed descriptions of Calc functions?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How I do select a row (or rows) in my spreadsheet to repeat on every page when printed?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How can I print some, but not all, of the cells on a sheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I get Sheet1 to print as portrait and Sheet2 to print as landscape?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I print my spreadsheets?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/Why does Calc print out all the sheets in the file?Documentation/FAQ/Databases
Documentation/FAQ/Databases/Where can I download the Report Builder extension?Documentation/FAQ/Databases/Where can I find FAQs about using with my favorite database?Documentation/FAQ/Draw
Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Are there any extra tools for Draw?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Does have an equivalent to Word's 'WordArt'?
Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How can I redefine the origin of the drawing coordinates?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How can I save a Draw document into a standard file format (BMP, JPG, ...)?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I crop an image in my drawing?
Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I export part of a drawing to EPS?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/How do I insert a screen shot or other image into my drawing document?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'd like to create a CD cover, but I'm not able to rotate the text so that it is readable on the side of the CD. What is the procedure for this action?
Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'm drawing a web banner. How can I do it using a 'Websafe' color palette?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I'm trying to print a Draw document, but the colors printed by my printer are not the same ones displayed on the screen. How can I edit them using the CMYK color system?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I am creating an organization chart. How do I evenly space my boxes?
Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I have a JPEG image that needs its colors changed before I use it in an file. How do I change the colors?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I have received a file that has graphics in it but all that shows up are the anchor symbols for the graphics. What's wrong?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I want a background of a dotted grid as a guide for my drawings. Is this available in
Documentation/FAQ/Draw/I want to change the size of an image inserted in a drawing document. How can I do this?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/What do I do when word wrap and other formatting functions are dimmed (disabled) for text in shapes?Documentation/FAQ/Draw/When I print a Draw document, the drawings near the top or bottom page borders are not printed properly. How can I overcome this problem?
Documentation/FAQ/Draw/Where can I get more information on Draw?Documentation/FAQ/FormulaDocumentation/FAQ/Formula/Can I find all the constructions of Math in the selection window?
Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How can I get a left bracket without a right bracket?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How can I start the equation editor as an individual application rather than within Writer?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I align my equations at the equality sign?
Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the color of a subformula?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the font of a subformula?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the fonts used in my formula?
Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the size of a subformula?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I change the spacing around my formula?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I number my equations?
Documentation/FAQ/Formula/How do I typeset functions, such as max, det, that Math does not know about?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I have inserted a formula in a HTML document and now I cannot edit it. Why not?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I have written a document containing a formula. I gave it to a friend and when she opened it the user-defined symbols didn't work. What's the matter?
Documentation/FAQ/Formula/I need a symbol that Math does not provide. What can I do?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/Is Math compatible with the equation editor of Microsoft Word?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/The fractions are too large for inline formulas. How can I make them smaller?
Documentation/FAQ/Formula/Where can I get a summary of all the math formula syntax?Documentation/FAQ/Formula/Why are my formulas jumping up and down on the textline?Documentation/FAQ/General
Documentation/FAQ/General/Are binaries legal for commercial or business use?
Documentation/FAQ/General/Are open office versions backward compatible?Documentation/FAQ/General/Can I change the measurement units from centimeters to inches?
Documentation/FAQ/General/Does come with the equivalent of Microsoft Outlook?
Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I add fonts to OpenOffice?Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I contact
Documentation/FAQ/General/How can I get an editable document from a read only document?Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I change the program that opens a file that I double-click in Windows Explorer?Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I disable the splash screen?
Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I fix the internal error, Get Storage: No Content?Documentation/FAQ/General/How do I open Microsoft Office 2007 files?Documentation/FAQ/General/How to know if a user is subscribed to a mailing list
Documentation/FAQ/General/How to stop OOo trying to recover files when starting?Documentation/FAQ/General/I downloaded an file, but when I try to open it, I'm prompted to select a filter. How do I open this file?Documentation/FAQ/General/I just installed OOo, now I can't open DOC files with Word anymore! What happened?
Documentation/FAQ/General/I need to see more than the default 4 items on the list of recently opened files. How do I achieve this?
Documentation/FAQ/General/Is compatible with MS Office and StarOffice file formats?
Documentation/FAQ/General/Is legal for commercial use?Documentation/FAQ/General/Is there OpenOffice documentation for users in .pdf format?Documentation/FAQ/General/Is there a way to print a batch of files without opening each of them in OOo?
Documentation/FAQ/General/Spellchecker Shows all Word MisspelledDocumentation/FAQ/General/The icons on the "command and functions" bar are not being displayed properly. How can I resolve this problem?
Documentation/FAQ/General/What are the differences between StarOffice and are the system requirements for running does Apache OpenOffice do.
Documentation/FAQ/General/What is the User Profile?Documentation/FAQ/General/What is the difference between Add-Ons, Add-Ins, and Plugins with respect to
Documentation/FAQ/General/Where can I find patches for platforms are supported by the suite?Documentation/FAQ/GoogleSearch
Documentation/FAQ/HowtoHelpDocumentation/FAQ/ImpressDocumentation/FAQ/Impress/Can I do the 'loop until escape' function in Impress?
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How can I create new styles?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How can I pause a slide show and how can I queue a slide?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How can I redock the slide pane
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I add Text Effects to a Text Box?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I create header or footer information in an presentation? I want my information to show up on every slide.Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I create my own presentation template?
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I insert a Video File?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I insert more than one background into a presentation?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I modify the format of a date field in Presentation?
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I print 2 slides per page from Presentation (one above the other)?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I print the notes with the slides on the same page in Presentation?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do I take one slide from a presentation and put it into another presentation?
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/How do you create an organization chart with am creating an organization chart. How do I evenly space my boxes?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I am numbering my slides, but I don't want the page or slide number to show up on the title slide. Is this possible?
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I am trying to export a presentation to HTML. I am getting an error message that says Nonexistent object. Nonexistent file. What's wrong?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I have a MSOffice PowerPoint 97 .PPZ file produced using the 'Pack and Go' SaveAs feature. Can this file be opened in Presentation?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I have a presentation with light text on a black background. When I print it, I'd like to have black text on a white background. Is this possible?
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I inserted a song in my presentation, but when I change slide the music stops. How do I play music throughout a presentation?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/I would like to have both landscape and portrait slides in my presentation. Is this possible?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/When I cut and paste text to Presentation, it pastes the text in a different size than the original. How do I maintain the text appearance?
Documentation/FAQ/Impress/Where can I download more templates, Minimizer, Presenter, and more?Documentation/FAQ/Impress/Where can I find more info?Documentation/FAQ/Installation
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Can I download only parts of the suite?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Can I install Java after I install
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Can I install on a Terminal Server?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Digital Signed Installation Sets for Windows Vista
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How Can I Install the Security Patch (CVE-2012-0037)Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How can I install so that it can be used by multiple users on the same machine?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How can I install without administrative privileges or without system integration?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How can I upgrade an older version of to a newer one?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I buy an CD?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I convert files created with SRC680 snapshot builds, prior to m64, to a current format?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I find the file I just downloaded?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I fix an FC3 error while loading shared libraries?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I fix the internal error, Get Storage: No Content?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on FreeBSD?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on GentooDocumentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Linux?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Mac OS X?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on OpenBSDDocumentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Slackware?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Solaris?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on Windows?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install on other UNIX systems?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I install the Java Media Framework (JMF)?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I perform a silent install?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I setup SAMBA to get the best performance with OOo?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How do I uninstall do I upgrade on Windows?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/How does work over NFS?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/I've installed, now what do I do?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Is it possible to install without the user having to input data?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Java is installed, but why isn't it recognized?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/OOo's installation file is too large to download. What other choices do I have?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/The installer is looking for Java. Does it really need it to work correctly?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/The installer is looking for Java. Where do I find it?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/What is the best way to download such a large file?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/When trying to install I get a message about a missing library. How can I solve this?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Where can I get documentation on installation?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Where can I get the appropriate download for my hardware and operating system?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Where do I download dictionaries for languages other than US English?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Which version of Java do I need?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Why am I seeing squares instead of the desired language characters?Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Why does the OOo install ask for Unicows.dll?
Documentation/FAQ/Installation/Why is Java needed in I use my Microsoft Office macros?
Documentation/FAQ/Macros/How can I assign a macro to a key?Documentation/FAQ/Macros/How can I make a macro available for all new docs?Documentation/FAQ/Macros/How can I record a macro?
Documentation/FAQ/Macros/Where can I find more info about macros?Documentation/FAQ/Macros/Why don't my macros run any more in OOo 3?Documentation/FAQ/Overview
Documentation/FAQ/PlatformDocumentation/FAQ/Platform/Mac OS X 10.5Documentation/FAQ/Platform/Mac OS X 10.5/Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Documentation/FAQ/Platform/Mac OS X 10.5/folder does not contain a Java runtime environmentDocumentation/FAQ/Platform/Mac OS X 10.5/timeout error on startupDocumentation/FAQ/Platform/Mac OS X 10.6
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevelDocumentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BugZillaQuestionsDocumentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BugzillaQuestions/Can I attach a file to Bugzilla
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BugzillaQuestions/How do I report a bug?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BugzillaQuestions/Why use Bugzilla?
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BusinessLicense/Are Apach OpenOffice binaries legal for commecial use?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BusinessLicense/Can I sell and otherwise distribute Apache OpenOffice?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/BusinessLicense/Where Can I Get More Information on the Licenses?
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestionsDocumentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/How are Decisions Made in the Project?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/What About Voting?
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/What is "Lazy Consensus"?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/CommunityQuestions/What is Consensus Building?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/How can I get Apache OpenOffice in a language besides English?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What are the Benefits of the Apache OpenOffice Project?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What are the objectives of the Apache OpenOffice Project
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/What components are included in Apache OpenOfficeDocumentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/Where do I find more information on this project?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/Where do I get more information?
Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/OverviewQuestions/Why should we say Apache OpnOffice instead of simply OpenOffice?Documentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/SourceTechQuestionsDocumentation/FAQ/ProjectLevel/SourceTechQuestions/APIQuestions
Documentation/FAQ/SL/Namestitev/Kakšne so sistemske zahteve za namestitev?Documentation/FAQ/WriterDocumentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I make misspelled words to appear underlined?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from changing my decimals into fractions?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from changing the first letter of a word to uppercase?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from formatting text between asterisks in bold?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from generating a black line from hash characters?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop from inserting tabs in front of the cursor position?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I stop automatic underlining of URLs?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I turn off automatic correction and formatting?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I turn off automatic word completion?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/How do I turn off number recognition in tables?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/The meaning of Single Spacing
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/AutomaticFunctions/ThesaurusDocumentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagementDocumentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/A file has an unfamiliar file extension. How do I figure out what kind of file this is?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Can I edit PDF files?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Can I publish my Writer text as a Blog?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Can I publish my Writer text on a MediaWiki server?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Can multiple users edit a file concurrently?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Does support WordPerfect file formats?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Export
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Files created in other applications do not always display in OOo exactly as they did when they were created. What can be done about it?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/How can I do a batch conversion of my MSOffice files into file formats?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/How can I open Microsoft Works wordprocessor files (.wps)?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/How can I search many .odt (or .sxw) files for one word?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/How do I convert multiple documents to PDF?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/How to open Microsoft Office 2007 documents?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/I found a problem with importing a document, what do I do?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/What file formats does Writer support?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Why does OpenOffice not open MSWorks files (.wks)?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/DocumentManagement/Why does OpenOffice not support the file format my application uses?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocumentsDocumentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/Can I adjust the rulers in Writer?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/Can I disable the default styles from the Styles and Formatting window, so that I can see only my own defined styles?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/Can I easily return formatting to the default?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How can I change the default Page Style margins, so that when I start a new document the margins will be 1 inch?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How can I change the defaults for a new Writer document?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How can I change the page number of the first page of my document to something other than '1'?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How can I place a time-date variable (or field) that updates automatically into a document?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How do I add my own templates?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How do I change the default page size?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How do I change the page layout from Portrait to Landscape for an entire document?
Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How do I convert structured text into a table?Documentation/FAQ/Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments/How do I do revision marking (redlining) in do I get a word count for a selected part of the text within a document?

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