How can I create a drop-down list?

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How can I create a drop-down list that references a list of values to select from?

Under Data > Validity, you can control what people can enter in spreadsheets, and offer them help in the form of lists, help tips, etc.

  1. Click in the cell where you want the list to appear. If you want the list in multiple cells, select multiple cells.
  2. Choose Data > Validity.
  3. Select Cell Range in the Allow list.
  4. Type the range.
    • To type a range in the same sheet, type something like this: $F$1:$F$20. You need the $ to make the reference absolute.
    • If the range is in a different sheet, add the absolute sheet reference in front, like this: $Projects.$F$1:$F$20.
  5. Click OK.

Then if you need to, just change the contents of the cell range and the list updates. Previous entries in those spreadsheets containing entries no longer in the list do not change.

This FAQ comes from Solveig Haugland's Blog

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