How do I install on OpenBSD?

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An installation in OpenBSD is performed in the following way.

1. Become superuser.
2. Select a server from the following website:

3. Run the following program. Replace <server> with the server selected in step 2 and <arch> with the hardware architecture:

export PKG_PATH=<server>/pub/OpenBSD/4.5/packages/<arch>/

4. List the available packages for installation.

pkg_add -i openoffice

5. Then select openoffice-3.
6. List available language packages for installation:

pkg_add -i openoffice-i18n-sv

7. Select the language pack for openoffice-3 for your language.
8. Exist the superuser shell:


9. You are now ready to run the software:


10. Change language and locale preferences under:

Tools > Options > Language Settings > Languages.


To uninstall run the following commands. The language package may only be uninstalled before or at the same time as uninstallation of the program package:

pkg_delete openoffice-i18n-*
pkg_delete openoffice
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