What are the differences between StarOffice and Apache OpenOffice

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What are the differences between StarOffice and OpenOffice.org?

  • Differences of features between StarOffice and OpenOffice.org.
    • The source code available at OpenOffice.org does not consist of all of the StarOffice code. Usually, the reason for this is that Sun pays to license third party code to include in StarOffice that which it does not have permission to make available in OpenOffice.org. Those things which are or will be present in StarOffice but are not available on OpenOffice.org include:
      • Certain fonts (including, especially, Asian language fonts)
      • Templates included with StarOffice
      • Extensive Clip Art Gallery
      • Some sorting functionality (Asian versions)
      • Certain file filters
      • Different spellcheckers
    • OOo is available in more languages than StarOffice
  • Differences of support between StarOffice and OpenOffice.org.
    • As users normally have to pay for StarOffice, they can expect additional support options.
    • Sun Microsystems has some additional benefits for registered users of StarOffice.
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