Changing Document Views

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Changing Document Views

Writer has three ways to view a document: Print Layout, Web Layout, and Full Screen. To change the view, go to the View menu and click on the required view.

Print Layout is the default view in Writer. In this view, you can use the Zoom slider and the View Layout icons on the Status bar to change the magnification.

You can also choose View → Zoom from the menu bar to display the Zoom & View Layout dialog box (see Figure 14), where you can set the same options as on the Status bar.

AOO41GS04 006.png
Figure 14. Choosing Zoom and View Layout options

In Web Layout view, you can use the Zoom slider; the View Layout buttons on the Status bar are disabled, and most of the choices on the Zoom & View Layout dialog box are not available.

In Full Screen view, the document is displayed using the zoom and layout settings previously selected. To exit Full Screen view and return to either Print or Web Layout view, press the  Esc  key or click the Full Screen icon in the top left-hand corner. You can also use  Ctrl  +  ⇧ Shift  +  J  to enter or exit Full Screen view.

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