Undoing and Redoing Changes

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Undoing and Redoing Changes

When a document is open, you can undo the most recent change by pressing  Ctrl  +  Z , or clicking the Undo icon AOO41WG01 032 UndoIcon.png on the Standard toolbar, or choosing Edit → Undo from the menu bar.

The Edit menu shows the latest change that can be undone. Click the small triangle to the right of the Undo icon to get a list of all the changes that can be undone. You can select multiple changes and undo them at the same time.

AOO41WG01 033.png
Figure 26: List of actions that can be undone

After changes have been undone, Redo becomes active. To redo a change, select Edit → Redo, or press  Ctrl  +  Y  or click on the Redo icon AOO41WG01 034 RedoIcon.png. As with Undo, click on the triangle to the right of the arrow to get a list of the changes that can be reapplied.

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