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The Menu bar is located just below the Title bar. When you choose one of the menus listed below, a submenu drops to show commands.

  • File contains commands that apply to the entire document such as Open, Save, Print, and Export as PDF.
  • Edit contains commands for editing the document, such as Undo: xxx (where xxx is the command to undo) and Find & Replace. It also contains commands to cut, copy, and paste selected parts of your document.
  • View contains commands for controlling the display of the document, such as Zoom and Web Layout.
  • Insert contains commands for inserting elements into your document such as headers, footers, and pictures.
  • Format contains commands, such as Styles and Formatting, Paragraph, and Bullets and Numbering, for formatting the layout of your document
  • Table shows all commands to insert and edit a table in a text document.
  • Tools contains functions such as Spelling and Grammar, Customize, and Options. (On macOS, Options is under OpenOffice → Preferences)
  • Window contains commands for the display window.
  • Help contains links to the OpenOffice Help file, What's This?, and information about the program. See “Getting Help”.

AOO41WG01 001.png
Figure 1: Main Writer workspace in Print view
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