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Customizing Toolbars

You can customize toolbars in several ways, including choosing which icons are visible and locking the position of a docked toolbar.

To access a toolbar's customization options, use the down-arrow at the end of the toolbar or on its title bar.

AOO41GS2 008.png
Figure 6: Customizing toolbars

To show or hide icons defined for the selected toolbar, choose Visible Buttons from the drop-down menu. Visible icons are indicated by a border around the icon (Figure 7). Click on icons to hide or show them on the toolbar.

You can also add icons and create new toolbars, as described in Chapter 16.

AOO41GS2 009.png
Figure 7: Selection of visible toolbar icons

Right-click (Context) Menus

Right-click on a paragraph, graphic, or other object to open a context menu. Often, the context menu is the fastest and easiest way to reach a function. If you're not sure where in the menus or toolbars a function is located, you can typically find it by right-clicking.


To show or hide rulers, choose View → Ruler. To enable the vertical ruler, select Tools → Options → OpenOffice Writer → View and select Vertical ruler.

AOO41WG01 008.png
Figure 8. Turning on the vertical ruler
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