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Public Documentation License Notice

The contents of this Documentation (excepted Native Port Roadmap),are subject to the Public Documentation License Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may only use this Documentation if you comply with the terms of this License. A copy of the License is available at The Original Documentation is "Mac OS X native port". The Initial Writer of the Original Documentation is (JCA) Eric Bachard (C) 2005-2006. All Rights Reserved. (Initial Writer contact(s):

My contributions to (the most recents, the first listed)


Alle the cws's I contributed for Project (means commit in the cws, and/or as cws owner)

Integrated in m50 DEV300 

Integrated in m42 DEV300 

Integrated in m40 DEV300 

Integrated in m38 DEV300 

  • CWS DEV300 macmenusquit   : this cws aims to remove the useless " Quit ", "About", "Tools->Options" entries in the menus, on Mac OS X Aqua only

Integrated in m35 DEV300 

Integrated in m26 DEV300 

Integrated in m23 DEV300  and m3 BEB300 

  • CWS aquavcl08   : fixes drag&drop crashes, CJK enhancements, copy&paste fixes, drawing fixes, multimonitor fixes, etc.

Integrated in m22 DEV300 

Integrated in m6 DEV300 

Integrated in m2 DEV300 

Integrated in m243 SRC680 

Integrated in m238 SRC680 

Integrated in m233 SRC680 

Integrated in m229 SRC680 

Integrated in m228 SRC680 

Integrated in m227 SRC680 

Integrated in m223 SRC680 :

Integrated in m222 SRC680  :

Integrated in m221 SRC680 :

Integrated in m219 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 salaquatox11  : Include sal changes we did in aquavcl01 into normal milestone, and verify X11 build works too using them, avoiding break in others OS. Means : remove systools/macxp_extras + files inside add osxlocale object in libuno_sal and build it remove libsalsystool (was macosx only ), simplify locale detection, protect other OS from the changes

Integrated in m217 SRC680 :

Integrated in m212 SRC680 :

Integrated in m200 SRC680 :

Integrated in m187 SRC680 :

Integrated in m180 SRC680 :

Integrated in m177 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 macosxkbd  : Fix caplocks bug when +kb extension is used to start X11, hardcode mod5 remap for ALT key and remove +kb extension

Integrated in m176 SRC680 : using Debian or Ubuntu distribution

Integrated in m170 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 macosxfondu2  : Implement fondu and X11 check for Mac OS X. Include fondu in OOo for Mac OS X to automatically extract natives fonts

Integrated in m159 SRC680 :

Integrated in m156 SRC680 :

Integrated in m146 SRC680 :

Integrated in m2 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 macosx11  : Important Mac OS X fix for Java 1.4.2 AWT +fix for correct portaudio detection in configure +fix for problem when query for locale or ui language fails +fix for avmedia player crashes (using external JMF) + fix for --without-nas detection in configure

Integrated in m125 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 macosx10  : Builds and smoketests executed successfully under Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

Integrated in m53 SRC680 :

Integrated in m118 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 linuxppc04  : export JITC_PROCESSOR_TYPE=6 for the build env on Linux/powerpc, IBMs JDK needs it + epm patch for Debian has to be modified

Integrated in m114 SRC680 :

Integrated in m112 SRC680 :

Integrated in m110 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 macosx08  : Mac OSX fixes for : mozilla environment build + fix bad test in

Integrated in m107 SRC680 :

  • CWS SRC680 macosx07  : Some fixes for Mac OSX port : enable UTF-8 for filenames and dirnames, make use of scanner available, other fixes in extensions ... [to be completed]

Integrated in m103 SRC680 :

Integrated in m101 SRC680 :

Integrated in m98 SRC680 :

Close for development

  • CWS DEV300 eraser01   (soon RfQA) : extra feature for the Impress : can use the pen, change the color, erase ..and so on using the HP Tablet PC

Work in progress, or planned

  • CWS DEV300 appleremote03   (created) : try to make the contextual menus work in Impress presentation mode with Apple remote

  • CWS DEV300 ogltrans4mac   (works already, yet some work in progress) : make the OpenGL transitions work with the Aqua version of

FIXME: add some other cws's not listed

Education Project


The new page is there:

Education Project

Project EDUCATION-ch




IRC meetings for Education project is there :

Education IRC meetings

Strategy for Education project

  • create a bridge between Education world and project
  • find developers for project

Social contract

  1. Create an Education Team for project
  2. Create a network of contacts (e.g. Academic contacts in France )
  3. Valorize and support Education Community


  1. Website
  2. Be present in important events FIXME: write a list ...
  3. Blogs
  4. Lists
  5. IRC
  6. Schools and sponsors


  1. Provide pedagogical tools
  2. Provide howtos for migrations in schools
  3. Provide courses as school cases of applications or writingcode ( existing cases)


  1. Connect with other projects
  2. Define a pool of devs and resources
  3. Separate tools learning and pure code learning
  4. Create courses with identified levels


Draft will be completed once sure expenses will be funded

Draft of existing cases

Existing cases and thoughts about them ...

 + A is a student who is doing advanced studies (possibly computer science/engineering) and is well up with Java and C -
> A wants to know what can be the steps towards becoming a contributor to bits of OO.o where a difference can be made

skills : be computer science/engineering

Now: possible

Important: only a few students can be mentored, because ot lack of resources

About C skills:

There is some C in sal, and in some other places in source code (mainly tools or external tools). For Java there is ~ 5% max of Java code, C++ does represent 90% of the source code of There are some Python , bash and objective-C ( in Aqua version) too, but just a bit. C language, even advanced, is not a bad thing, but source code is more Academic C++ (not sure of the term) than C.

First steps : learn C++, learn coding guidelines in project (they are existing documents on the wiki), learn stl use, and learn the sources organisation. Then learn the code present in some extensions, learn how trace using a debugger, or try to fix some bugs, and finally experiment is imho the next step.

The real case is not exactly turned like that :

Either the student has a precise idea of what he wants to contribute for. e.g. : implement a new feature in writer, or help for porting project, or .. (other application)

... or the application is already existing (there are some applications already proposed (Just not the link in mind right now)

In the first case, the steps could be :

- choose an OS (e.g. Linux prefered, for soupleness) , and learn what happens when Framework is built. - learn how modules are organized ( why such f.. organization ? ) - when sw ( means Star Writer ) is built, understand what are the dependencies, how link, what must be built before, where are all part used by writer.

Once everything is in place, then learn writer source code. Lot of lines ( really ! )

Missing: learn tools, cvs, cwstools, bonsai, LXR, EIS, how commit, what a cws is, scheduling .. and so on, like write a documentation for the next students to come, following the golden rule : not redo over and over ..

This would need IMHO a lot of time. With the little experience I have with Google Summer of code, imho several months are mandatory.

Second case: help porting project

- learn how build ( yes, before to test some new feature, you need a working set) - discover vcl - learn how it works, (virtual classes, implementation OS dependant ... etc ) , some other fun - understand what is the problem ( bind an OS over virtual - empty - boxes) and start (uff) to work for what he wanted to contribute for .. long time ago.

(same next steps .. )

Third case :

... etc. Other possibilities: implement UNO services. Means learn (again) how build an installset, understand what offapi does contain, and what is the role of all those interfaces. Learn examples (lot of time, and code and energy) and finally, implement the new feature.

( same next steps )

Jürgen Schmidt will complete, since he's a better specialist than me there ( please add how create a new extension case too  ;-)

As summary, the common denominator is:

- learn how build framework - learn alone such tools is not possible, and one mentor must be there - developers are paid for a lot of things, and that's not easy to bother them for everything randomly.

I think, one student, one dedicated dev like Jürgen or me, or you maybe to accompagn him.

If you see a shorter way to produce an developer, please tell me :-)

 + B is a professor who is in charge of a class of students tasked with doing a credit based FOSS project and B would really like for OO.o to
 help tell how the students can be involved

See above, this is similar to A. Just the professor will have more autonomy and add interesting point of views in discussions ... and maybe will propose improvements, or find some issues.

This is the prefered case, because we valorize a professor, a student, a school and the project.

+ C is an artist and C wants to contribute to OO.o's art effort but is not sure if Education Project is the way to go

We can help too. but this would be limited to projeect introduction, orient these artist on art project, how register, .etc. The list combined to IRC is perfect. Start now is possible.

 + D is a senior student trying to coach juniors into understanding how FOSS projects work and thinks teaching them to triage bugs would be
> awesome - can this project help D ?

Yes, sure.

We can welcome, explain the project, discover together, and show examples of issues. I know some, but we certainly will have to define better how proceed.

+ E is a fresher in pre-college who has used OO.o, knows something about Linux and FOSS and thinks that there are ideas that can be proposed to
> enhance the user experience - should E get in touch with Education Project ?

I think we can welcome, explain project, orient and ask in return to the newcomer to write what he learned with us, preparing the next student in the same case.

This is another important example we should take care: User Experience is extremely important and we have a lot of work before to pretend welcome E case.

Needs some work

 + F is a freelance developer good in Python and wants to create extensions that would also allow a business to be wrapped around that

Jürgen .. please help me :-)

Other cases :

A professor/teacher wrote a tool, including pedagogical notice about it, and wants to share it

A professor/teacher is searching what does exist

A professor/teacher wants to install on a network for his job

Mac OS X Native port


Mac OS X Porting - Apple Remote implementation

Native Port Roadmap



  • June 2006: work in progress

- Basis: frame, instances, threads, drawing, painting, resizing (Stephan Schaefer, Tino Rachui)

implement threads
create, manage instance
create, manage windows (including parents)
create, manage events
create manage drawing, resizing
create, add menus (Pavel Janik)
toggle window fullscreen (Pierre de Filippis)
make font server work (Stephan Schaefer)
  • Current status font support (Stephan Schaefer, 2006/07/28): the following features are basically working now
    • font selection
    • font size
    • simple font attributes (bold, italic)
Next step: document first part, and propose design

- native filepicker (Pavel Janik, Florian Heckl)

- native printing implementation (Oliver?)

- native font implementation (Eric Bachard)

  • September 2006:

- first proofs of concept: fonts, filepicker .. (more?) - show the results (OOoCon 2006?)


  • January 2007: first alpha implementation

Strategy for native port

Possible Actions:

Identify us:

  1. Complete the arrays below
  2. Update photos on

Share the work:

  1. Divide the work between little Teams
  2. Update Todo list regularly -> needs some love these days ... [1]


  1. Teach tools between us
  2. Do a debug party on IRC
  3. write documentation

Meet us:

  1. IRC
  2. Mac Meeting (like nov2005 in Hamburg?)


  1. Update website regularly
  2. Blogs


Mac Team:

Developer \ skills build write code code review debug/trace (higher is better) contribute to documentation
ericb x x 1 x
plipli x x

Other resources:



QA: James McKenzie leads QA for the Mac OS X port of and is looking for volunteers to spread this effort over several people and needs people from all over the world to test various languages.



WHAT: Status of most important tasks

Task Names Urgency (1=higher) Work in Progress Done Code review Debug Integration
Get rid of X11 done 1 x x
Bundle 1 x
Drawing 1 x
Fonts plipli 1 x
Events management 2 x
Controls (see list) ericb, aliscafo 2 x
Native FilePicker Florian Heckl, Pavel Janik 3 x x
Native Printing Yvan Barthelemy 3 x
Native SpellChecker 4
Player 4

Other tasks:

Help for writing bug lists, status of bugs ..etc

Write howto use gdb, leaks, other tools


From Christian Lippka (last meeting, 25th of august 2006):

Aug 26 00:21:38 ChristianL
from my point of view what is missing for point 1:
text layout, complete font support, keyboard support,
fixing repaint issues, having aqua install and run out of the box

September 2006

Present the current state of the project at the 2006 OpenOffice conference in Lyon and Paris

Late 2006

fix launch fix drawing (repainting) Implement missing methods and fix most important bugs (mainly the one leading to crash) in: ATS Salgraphics Salinstance

January or February 2007

make Java work (works partially) make intensive debug present something working as alpha

June 2007

Implementation of: native filepicker native printing

Become a Domain Developer for Mac OS X port (or other)

People regularly contributing to Mac OS x port with regular and quality patches are, after proposal, invited to become a DomainDeveloper.

The purpose of this document is to clearly define all the steps to become a DomainDeveloper.

Preliminary: step 1 in Commit_Rights must be completed and checked, and you must be in the list of [JCA Licensed people]

Steps for ssh2 key to be uploaded

Create the key

Everything is described here: [SSH Guide]

Upload the key

You must create an issue, like described below  :

Assign it to "ssh2key" in the "www" component

Sub Component: cvs

Title: CVS Commit access request

Add louis (Louis Suarez Potts) or st (Stefan Taxhet) on CC

Upload your ssh2 public key respecting the process (Attach a DSA key, not an RSA)

A project lead will confirm your request

Then the support will upload your key

Once done the issue is set to Fixed , and the next step has to be verified before you close it.

EXAMPLE: [Upload SSH2 Key for Etsushi Kato]

Verify it works

You now can try to connect via tunnel, and follow instructions given [SSH Guide]

If something goes wrong, ask for help to support, with a maximum of details, to solve the problem.

Once it works, the issue can be closed, and you can e.g. test downloading a module from tunnel repository :

First create a tunnel with the command:

ssh -2 -x -L 2401:localhost:2401

Then in a new window:

export CVSROOT=":pserver:your_login@localhost:/cvs"

cvs login (enter)

(your password)

mkdir TEST


cvs -z4 co -r SRC680_m205 vcl 

cd vcl 

cat CVS/Root  -> should indicate: your local repository

Ask for CVS access for all modules required

Two steps: create an issue is mandatory because the concerned project is tools, and because people can have only ssh2 key without being DomainDeveloper.

Create an issue

You must create an issue, described below  :

Component: tools

Sub Component: www

Title: CVS access to all modules required

Assigned to mh + CC for ericb and/or pjanik

Present yourself quickly, and ask the access

A project lead will confirm

An admin will confirm this is ok, and set the issue to Fixed

EXAMPLE: [CVS Access all modules for Etsushi Kato]


Create the tunnel :

open a terminal and type :

ssh -2 -x -L 2401:localhost:2401

once logged in, open a new terminal, and do (for example):


source  { source for Mac Intel }

cd vcl  (for example)

IMPORTANT: be sure vcl has been checked from tunnel, not from anoncvs (cat CVS/Root will give you the answer)

export CWS_WORK_STAMP=aquavcl01   # Only needed for working with [[EIS]], can change for a different CWS ;) 

cd aqua/source/gdi

add your changes to your_file.cxx, then commit :

cvs commit -m "#i75689# bla bla ... the reason of the modification(s)"  your_file.cxx  # The #i75689# is an issue number in the tracker

cvs update

If nothing is wrong, cvs update should not return M for your_file.cxx, means the commit is successfull.

In case of problem, use the issue until it is fixed

Welcome aboard :)

Mac port and WWDC2008

Mac OS X porter Team at WWDC 2008

What is WWDC 2008?

See Apple WWDC 2008

Our needs with Aqua version

  • Compile on Intel for PPC (if time UB) [ ]
  • Proxy icon in the title bar [ ]
  • Use of the apple remote, especially for presentations [7]
  • Printing to PDF to keep links in the same way as iWork does it. [8]
  • Translating the native dialogs to the Community supported languages (that Apple doesn't support).
  • Compiling on Leopard to run on Tiger. Note: QuickLook plugin ( from quicklookplugin01 cws) builds on tiger [9]
  • Import/Export of iWork documents [10]
  • Signing .app bundle.
  • Localize the voice for accessibility features ? (only english available for Voice Over at the moment)
  • Implement the native Color Picker

Interesting Labs

Accessibility Lab (ericb selection)

Receive one-on-one technical assistance on using the Accessibility API and making your application accessible. Whether you are access-enabling your application or developing an application that uses assistive technolgies, this is the lab to attend to get advice and answers to your questions. Bring your code, your laptop, and your questions.

Advances in Modern OpenGL

Understand how advances in OpenGL unlock the rendering power of the GPU. Tackle GPU-based vertex and fragment processing with the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) and use the most current capabilities of OpenGL to modernize your code. Learn techniques for integrating the high-performance 3D graphics pipeline with the other graphics frameworks on Mac OS X. A must-attend session for Mac OpenGL developers to learn how to take advantage of the recent innovations in graphics hardware.

Apple Help Lab

Receive one-on-one technical assistance with Apple Help integration, content authoring, and troubleshooting from Apple Help engineers and content writers. Bring your laptop, your code, your Help content, and your questions.

Assigning Your Application an Identity with Code Signing

Code signing in Mac OS X allows the Keychain and other operating system features to verify your application's ownership without prompting your users--even after you've updated your application. Find out how digitally signing your application ensures the integrity of your code and enables the system to recognize and alert users to unauthorized changes. Learn how to sign your applications, how signed applications work and how signing improves security and your customers' experience.

Cocoa Open Lab

Get expert one-on-one assistance from the Cocoa engineering team, DTS engineers, and Technology Evangelists on Cocoa topics. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

Image Capture, Manipulation, and Display with Image Kit

Image Kit provides Cocoa developers with a straightforward interface for common image handling tasks. Discover how easily you can equip your application with image capture, browsing, viewing, import, adjustment and presentation, all within a crisp and consistent user experience. Learn how to apply image processing filters for lightweight image editing, how to capture images from the camera and how to assemble an enhanced image browser. An important technology for Cocoa developers who want to handle photos and other media in their Mac OS X applications.

Image Kit Lab

Work directly with the Image Kit engineering team to add image browsing, viewing, capture, adjustment and presentation to your Cocoa application. Bring your laptop, your code and your questions.

OpenGL on the Mac Lab

Meet with members of the OpenGL engineering team to dig deeper into desktop OpenGL features and profiling. Bring your laptop, your code and your questions.

Spotlight and Quick Look Lab

Meet one-on-one with Spotlight and Quick Look engineers to see how much these technologies have in common and polish your use of them. Make sure your document declarations are correct and your plug-ins are as fast and lightweight as possible. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

Interesting presentations

  • Performance Tuning Your Application with Shark
  • Making Your Application Scriptable
  • Managing X.509 Certificates and Digital Identities

ericb's Agenda

The rule is extremely simple: bring your laptop, your code, and ask :)

Days monday
June 9
June 10
June 11
June 12
June 13
Morning 10:00 am
Afternoon 2:00 pm -3:15 pm
Mac OS X
State of the Union
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm
Developer Tools
State of the Union
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Graphics & Media
State of the Union
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Welcome Reception

Labs Agenda

It is extremely important to organize us for Labs.

The rule is extremely simple: bring your laptop, your code, and ask :)

Days monday
June 9
June 10
June 11
June 12
June 13
Labs Morning
Labs Afternoon

Interesting Labs

The complete list: Mac OS X Essentials

Our Objectives at the WWDC 2008

1) Connection OOo Mac team / Apple engineers

-Goal 1.1: "Get infos, contacts, human to human conversation :-)"

-> Present our current work, methods and team to Apple people :

-> Meet them during WWDC: give us/them a face, keep contacts

-> Get their impression about what we have already done and what is still ToDo

2) Improve from Apple's engineers expertise

-Goal 2.1: "Give MacOS X users the OOo suite they deserve"

=> As mac platform and apple's product fans, we are proud to bring the quality and power of OOo to mac users community
=> Make OOo uses all the power of Mac OSX, including upcoming Leopard !

-Goal 2.2: " Mac port has to be as Apple HIG compliant as possible"

=> Define what is expected for User Interface of suite with people from Apple UI project
- FYI: Last year, Apple UI project proposed ericb to help us, once our native menus will be working. 
  This is now done.

3) Get code guidelines, tips, samples

-Goal 3.1: "Ask for code review and find code snippets"

-Goal 3.2: "Attend key Labs and Sessions to get full overview of Tiger/Leopard/Core's and useful code"

- Image capture
- Key signing (digital signature, to avoid Mozilla bazaar 
- Apple Remote

4) Social Contacts / Team emulation

Try to contact Pierre de Filippis, Sébastien Plisson and some other frenchies :)

-> Discuss and meet new developers and / or american people working for Mac OS X port (like Michael Sicotte, other..) -> Share ideas, tips, conviviality !

5) Visibility Native Mac port has to be recognized as the professionnal office suite for Mac users it is !


  • Michael Sicotte
  • Eric Bachard
  • Philipp Lohmann

Todo list

Please add topics, technical questions you would see asked by attendees to Apple engineers during WWDC

Suggestions for current issues to be fixed


I am volunteer to take over what follows:

  • Find information about SpotLight and QuickLook ( what happens with our generator ? How improve it ?)
  • Find information about Image Capture : API obsolete on Tiger, under NDA on Leopard ... can we trust 10.4 sources ?
  • Apple remote implementation


  • describe the schedule of the travel

ericb :

Basel -> Paris -> SF:  7th of June    SF scheduled arrival: 12:30 
SF -> Paris -> Basel:  13th of June (arrival 17th)  SF departure for the return:  3:30 pm

Hotel: Hotel des Arts (close to Union Square)

Airport to Hotel transportation: (BART) not included

Michael Sicotte:

To be completed

Philipp Lohmann:

To be completed


  • don't forget sector adaptator for laptop: US connectors are different
  • don't forget Cameras (and chargers)
  • Prepare 50 to 100 business cards : the most simple is to use the model I can provide on demand , and print them with special paper (pre-cut)

Mac OS X porter Team at WWDC 2007

What is WWDC 2007?

See Apple WWDC 2007

Labs Agenda

It is extremely important to organize us for Labs.

The rule is extremely simple: bring your laptop, your code, and ask :)

Days monday
June 11
June 12
June 13
June 14
June 15
Labs Morning BOOKED
from 10:45 to 11:30 AM
Deric Horn / Keith Mortensen
Carbon and Cocoa Integration Lab
starting from 11:45 AM
Ernest Prabhakar
Apple and Free Softwares
Rendez-vous at Spotlight lab (Mac OS X Lab B)
Labs Afternoon BOOKED
1 hour
starting from ~ 4:30 5:30 pm
John Geleynse
User Interface design

Interesting Labs

The complete list: Mac OS X Essentials

  • Core Text Lab

Receive one-on-one technical assistance and troubleshooting advice from the Core Text engineering team. Learn how to use the advanced font handling and blazingly fast Unicode layout capabilities of Core Text. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

  • HIToolbox Lab

Work on tuning and debugging HIToolbox code in your Carbon application. Receive one-on-one technical assistance and troubleshooting advice from the High Level Toolbox engineering team, Apple DTS engineers, and technology evangelists. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

Our Objectives at the WWDC 2007

1) Connection OOo Mac team / Apple engineers

-Goal 1.1: "Get infos, contacts, human to human conversation :-)"

-> Present our current work, methods and team to Apple people :

-> Meet them during WWDC: give us/them a face, keep contacts

-> Get their impression about what we have already done and what is still ToDo

2) Improve from Apple's engineers expertise

-Goal 2.1: "Give MacOS X users the OOo suite they deserve"

=> As mac platform and apple's product fans, we are proud to bring the quality and power of OOo to mac users community
=> Make OOo uses all the power of Mac OSX, including upcoming Leopard !

-Goal 2.2: " Mac port has to be as Apple HIG compliant as possible"

=> Define what is expected for User Interface of suite with people from Apple UI project
- FYI: Last year, Apple UI project proposed ericb to help us, once our native menus will be working. 
  This is now done.

3) Get code guidelines, tips, samples

-Goal 3.1: "Ask for code review and find code snippets"

 - HIView
 - Printing
 - Drag and Drop
 - as muc has possible

=> More than 1000 Apple engineers are present, and can answer our questions regarding the code, during the whole week

-Goal 3.2: "Attend key Labs and Sessions to get full overview of Tiger/Leopard/Core's and useful code"

 - Core*
 - Tiger / Leopard

4) Social Contacts / Team emulation

-> Discuss and meet new developers and / or american people working for Mac OS X port (like Michael Sicotte, Vijay Venkatraman , other..) -> Share ideas, tips, conviviality !

5) Visibility Native Mac port has to be recognized as the professionnal office suite for Mac users it is !


  • Sébastien Plisson
  • Eric Bachard
  • Philipp Lohmann

Todo list

Please add topics, technical questions you would see asked by attendees to Apple engineers during WWDC

Suggestions for current issues to be fixed

Timers: Current code is obsolete, and compatibility with Leopard won't probably exist. Pavel wrote a patch using recent code. Seems to work fine, excepted a thread issue (crash not easy to be reproduced)

Questions ( pavel )

Does Apple have a plan to enable UI drawing from threads different from the first one?

Does Apple have a plan to allow java to be run from other threads as well?


Looot of things:

  • fix all our busy paint places
  • Find infos/code sample about parenting
  • Code review for HIFrameWork implementation
  • Menus: every window creates it's own menu. Redesign it?
  • adapt native widget framework
  • Use XCode to build

Events: code review, tips

ATS: code review, ATS issues

Mike Sicotte: I understood that implementing printing in aqua OOo was a topic that we didn't get accepted into Google SOC - so remains on the ToDo list. I notice that there are three Sessions specfically related to printing at WWDC:

   Leveraging the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)
   Printing with Style in Mac OS X
   Printing Lab

If this is judged to be a good use of time at WWDC I would be willing to spend some time to help further develop the questions to be addressed with the Apple engineers.

ericb->Mike Sicotte

Good idea. You are welcome :)

Ismael: What is the best way to draw editable textfields? Using DrawThemeEditTextFrame() from appareance manager although it is a bit old and we can't choose the context to draw but it is more in the OOo approach? Or use CreateEditUnicodeTextControl and create a control?


  • describe the schedule of the travel

ericb :

Mulhouse -> Paris -> SF:  9th of June    SF scheduled arrival: 7:13 pm
SF -> Paris -> Mulhouse:  16th of June (arrival 17th)  SF departure for the return:  3:00 pm

Hotel: King George (close to Union Square)

Airport to Hotel transportation: not included

sebastien (aka plipli):

Paris->SF: 3rd June
SF->Paris: 15th June in the evening

Hotel: to be coompleted

Philipp Lohmann:

Hamburg->SF: 9th June
SF->Hamburg: 16th June

Hotel: King George


  • don't forget sector adaptator for laptop: US connectors are different
  • don't forget Cameras (and chargers)
  • Prepare 50 to 100 business cards : the most simple is to use the model I can provide on demand , and print them with special paper (pre-cut)

Mac OS X porter Team at OOoCon 2007


  • Shaun McDonald
  • Eric Bachard
  • (list to be completed)

Todo: ask for Mickael Sicotte travel (New York <-> Barcelona) + rooms


The conference is over 3 days. Presentations should last around 45 minutes. Papers have to be submitted by 1st June to be considered.

Ideas :

Mike Sicotte: Perhaps the results of the Google SOC could be a presentation.

  • create a complete topic for Mac port (one stream for a day or half day)
  • How to improve ooo usability though the use of floating palettes instead of modal dialogs

- several presentations / BOF

Eric Bachard: Aqua (conf / 1 hour)


  • reserve rooms together? Better rent a house?
  • [FIXME]

2nd Mac porters meeting

This section has been moved to 2nd Mac porters meeting


IRC Mac port meetings

This section has been moved to MacOSXPortMeetings.

Mac OS X (X11) Quality Assurance

This section has been moved to Mac OS X (X11) Quality Assurance

Mac OS X Implementing HIView and Carbon events

This section has been moved to Mac OS X Implementing HIView

Debug using XCode

MacOSX Debug using XCode

Implement OpenGL transitions in Impress

OpenGL Tansitions


Implement Proxy Icons for Drag and Drop

Proxy Icon Implementation

Reviewers Guide for Aqua

Reviewers Guide for Aqua

Description of the Native Port problem

How does work on Mac OS X?

Currently, on Mac OS X, uses X11, as "client": X11 is a graphical server, coming from Unix world, and able to run under Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X.

- X11 is run as an application, managed like other Apple applications.
- All unix like applications are managed by X11, and from Aqua environment, only X11 is seen as only one applicatiion, 
 even if other Unix/Linux (e.g.) applications are runing. asks X11 to display a window, waits for X11 acknowledgment, and displays the window. All transactions use the network, locally or not. the same mechanism is used for everything to be displayed.

Ericb 11:39, 3 June 2006 (CEST)

Issues and known problems

All events are managed by and X11, using the Xlib

Only .ttf fonts type is currently available. Note: system fonts are available

The rendering is made by X11, not by Mac OS X rendering engine.

X11 and all its clients are seen as one application only: drag and drop protocol does not work because of that (solution: Pasteboard Manager)

Other links

Ericb 11:39, 3 June 2006 (CEST)

What do we have to do?

  • (in progress): Implement direct access to Apple graphical engine, using Apple API: Quartz2D/CoreGraphics (and replacing Xlib use)

like: instantiate, manage events and threads for a graphical instance + all needed objects, drawing: manage all drawing cases

  • (in progress): Implement native events management, using CarbonEventManager (replacing Xlib management)
  • (in progress): Implement native font use, using Apple Type Server and ATSUI (for Unicode Imagery) (replacing X11 management)

Work in progress: Mac OS X Porting - Native Fonts

  • (done experimental) Implement Native Filepicker
  • Implement Apple Spellchecker

--Plipli 09:27, 25 March 2007 (CEST)

Where is located the code to be modified?

Most of the changes are located in vcl (Visual Class Layer), for everything graphical, events, fonts, rendering and printing.

Other, for sound and movies will be in avmedia (where the player is implemented in sources).

For drag and drop, dtrans is concerned (Pasteboard Manager implementation)

[FIXME]: Filepicker? Apple Spellchecker?

Ericb 11:39, 3 June 2006 (CEST)

How will the new implementation be tested?

Currently, all code can be compiled without using the Xlib. but of course, a lot of features are missing,

and the final package simply won't work

In vcl module", a toy called svdem is built at buildtime. This binary is linked to libvcl* and so all new stuff can be tested.

e.g.: draw anti-aliased lines works well.

Everything implemented in aqua vcl code will be included in libvclplug_aqua, and svdem source code will contain a specific part to proceed tests.

[FIXME]: add more complete list of features to implement and test.

AquaVCL 01 cws

[Top 10 of Aqua issues]

Aquavcl01 tasks


Scheduled : beta version

Once printing and Drag and drop will work, alpha will be over

Remaining issues for beta :

  • adjust control metrics
  • fix some refresh issues
  • complete Leopard port

To be discussed  : native dialogs for printing ?

Work in progress: alpha :-)

26th july

aquavcl03 : start Cocoa integration.

The toy we will use for Cocoa begining is called vcldemo + milestone m220

Changes have been made in solenv ( use objC++ switch ) , in all includes to implement events, frames


(pl) #i80066# add cocoa framework and objective c++ switches

(pl) #i80025# initial checking for carbon to cocoa migration

24th july

(pjanik) #i10000#: Fix build breaker on other platforms.

22th july

(pjanik) Whitespace cleanup.

21th july

(isma87) #i79748 add RTL support to tabs

19th july

(ekato) #i79737# fix incorrect spacing with punctuations

18th july

(pl) #i79475# enhance NWF focus for comboboxes

(isma87) #i79765 add native check marks and radio marks to menus

(isma87) #i79764 add native borders

17th july

(pl) #i79475# disable NWF focus drawing on dropdown boxes temporarily

(pl) #i79475# enable native focus drawing for edit fields

(ekato) #i78970# Mac-Encoding test for the heuristic with CJK fonts


16th july

(pjanik) Aquavcl02 now resync'ed with m221

(ericb) #i77549# simplify

13th July

(hdu) #i79567# the Aqua port uses the native font subsystem

(pl) #i79599# do not send useless paint events and fix an endless recursion

(pl) #i79581# optional immediate paint handling

(pl) code cleanup / review

(hdu) #i78358# queue new application events also while handling old application events

(hdu) remove freetype (unneeded )

Note : modules freetype + scp2 added in aquavcl02

12th July

(pl) #i79300# better refresh rectangles

(pl) #i79300# fix shadow issue with native progress bar

(pl) #i79300# change in DrawProgress API, SetBorderStyle can remove border window, removed a now unneeded workaround (flush in ImplCallPaint)

(ericb) #i79553# add TPT in AquaSalInstance constructor to make testtool receive events + put it in foreground

(ericb) #i79553# modify linking for MacOSX builds (initialy for testtool build)

(pl) #i79300# changein DrawProgress API

(hdu) #i78358# handle only one delayed AppleEvent at a time

(hdu) #i78358# handle aqua's AppleEvents immediately in the SVMainHook

11th July

(pl) #i79487# be more lenient to themes that draw outside their defined box

(pl) #i79487# improve native progress bar

(pl) #i10000#: Adapt VCL header paths.

(pjanik) m220 resync

10th July

To be verified: pl fixed bitmap issue on Leopard today (Florian will check ). If so, it should work out of the box.

(ericb) : #i79447# allow to use System Preferences colors for highlighted text

(pl) #i79441# add a similar magic to window background like for menus

(ismae87) fix focused rightmost tab not being recognized as rightmost : the right tab is now correctly drawn when selected

To be fixed : RTL issue with tab ( left is right and vice versa )

(pl) no focus rect for native tab control on aqua

(pl) #i79424# use an image mask instead of an image to support native menus, too

(pl) #i79424# reuse colorspace

(pl) #i79424# new implmentation for CreateWithMask ( includes several changes )

(pl) #i79402# fix some overpaint issues

9th July

(isma87) add native spinbox : now spinboxes are seen in controls :)

8th July

(isma87) add native EditBox, MultiLineEditBox and non-dropdown Listbox

(isma87) AHIG dimensions for comboboxes and listboxes, and add disabled state for listboxes

6th July

(pl) #i79068# RTL mirroring

(pl) fix drawAlphaRect for LineColor

(pl) #i79212# fix another menu related crash

(cd) #i79228# Support application event APPEVENT_PRINT for the mac port

(isma87) add aqua tabs

(isma87) center tabs and ask for native size

(isma87) remove bold text for focused tab

(hdu) #i78147# make OOo the default document handler for OpenDocument (mheily: thank you for the patch)

(pl) #i79300# no surrounding frame for NWF progress bar

(pl) #i79300# support NWF for progress bars

5th July

aquavcl03 has been created : start Cocoa migration. This cws will be resync'ed with m220 ( including aquavcl01) and first Cocoa changes will be included.

Great day for Mac OS X port: aquavcl01 is nominated and integrated : should be in m220 !!

(hdu) #i78358# Aqua AppleEvents: handle multiple open/print files at once

(hdu) #i78358# handle AppleEvents: OpenDoc and PrintDoc :

4th July

(hdu) #i79212# apply GH's patch to fix testtool crashes on Aqua  : testtool does crash when aqua menus are used.

3rd July

(hdu) #i78358# handle AppleEvents: AEQuitApplication -> will help to fix the issue, open more doors, and prepare Cocoa transition

(pl) #i78943# disable drawing mnemonics on aqua : mnemonics are not aqua compliant

(pl) make debug window work on mac again, using MOD5 ( was not used before )

(hdu) #i78970# CJK fonts require extra leading

2nd July

(pl) join from aquavcl01 : aquavcl02 starting point is vcl from aquavcl01. Only vcl will have to be modified for now, other modules will arrive later.

aquavcl02 creation : aquavcl01 will be integrated (if nothing's going wrong) and aqua will become buildable just checking m220 sources

29th June

aquavcl01 is closed : no more commits allowed ( excepted for QA reason )

28th June

Tino announced bitmap copy paste works, and he's looking forward about drag and drop

Commits of the day:

(msicotte) #i78982# numeric keypad ENTER == RETURN in GetKeyCode

(pl) cleaning up some unused headers

(pl) #i77562# improvements from code review session

(tra) #i77593#Hack to prevent warning caused by the use of deprecated APIs

(tra) #i77593#support for copy&paste of pictures, OLE data exchanges with MS Office etc.

(pl) fix key up handling

(ericb) #i77551# improve metrics for listboxes buttons

(pl) #i77562# fix pro build warning

(pl) #i77562# landscape support

(hdu) #i77562# handle Printer dpi<->transformation matrix interaction

(ericb) #i78847# use MOD5 instead of MOD2 to fix formulas issue with ALT

(pl) #i77552# do not override explicit control background

(hdu) #i78924# implement bHandleAllCurrentEvents mode for AquaSalInstance::Yield() and ignore obsoleted timer events

(pjanik) whitespace cleanup

(ericb) #i77551# add correct buttons for listboxes

(ekato) Don't swallow Command-Space with menu as it is often used for TSM.

(ekato) Fix crash with SALEVENT_KEYUP on non text widget.

27th June

(pjanik) announced resync/ aquavcl01 integration in good shape.

(jogi) will start QA next week for all platforms

(ericb) not commited add equation input iin formula //

(pl) announced the printing working for soon (without the native dialogs )  :tested working with images, needs some work with equations some strange behaviour with equations import

26th June

Pavel found the way to make the testtool working.

Automated test are already working, but the changes need to be commited ( probably in aquavcl02 or another cws to come)

(pl) #i78907# paint menubar, add a magical 2 pixel border offset

(hdu) Aqua only: link to font subsetter library

(ericb) #i78548# adjust aquavcl01 to salaquatox11

(pl) #i77552# temporarily disable native dialog background in about dialog

(pjanik) #i78712#: Add events for entering and leaving, send MOUSELEAVE event to prevent "aggressive tooltips".

(pjanik) #i78712#: Add events for entering and leaving.

25th June

Aquavcl01 is now resynchronized with m217. New : Tango iconset ( see issue 78784 )

(ericb) #i78528# workaround for build breaker in desktop, the time cloph provides a better fix

(hdu) #i78815# measure the caret positions directly instead of using glyph positions

22th June

Philipp commited the code we worked on during WWDC : now windows have Aqua theme for true :)

The refresh issue for windows is vanished. Not the time to file an issue

(hdu) fix inverted debug assertion

(pl) remove unused functions

21th June

  • Today, looks like japanese fonts can be used properly
  • XOR has been implemented (partially, using basebmp )
  • aquafilepicker01 cws is close to be ready for QA
  • salaquatox11 has to be reviewed first

(hdu) remove code comment for less accurate but more reliable layout measurement

(hdu) implement detailed measurements in complex text layouts

(hdu) #i78704# add a new pixelformat, minor cosmetics

(ekato) issue #77846: use appropriate text attributes for input method

(pjanik) Whitespace cleanup.

(pjanik) Unify Windows and Aqua parts to have shorter diff against the base milestone.

(ekato) Call SALEVENT_{GETFOCUS,LOSEFOCUS} in HandleWindowActivatedEvent().

(ekato) Handle window activate and deactivate events properly.

(pl) fixed a constness issue

At this point, we have, since the previous development snapshot ( I *didn't wrote* we commited everything ) :

- Impress : animations work now (excepted sound)

- export pdf works now (some remaining issues with arabian locales maybe)

- copy paste works partially (text only )

- 2 instant crashes vanished since new saltimer implementation ( spellchecker and quit )

- native fonts et bundled fonts are now usable -> equations are now correctly displayed, since OpenSymbol is found

- start of native comboboxes (needs work)

- listboxes ( not complete)

- window background use Aqua theme ( patch not commited, but available : )

- Calc works (white cell issue solved)

- Writer works ( text input ok, space issue ... etc)

- Maths works (exccepted braces, to be discussed soon )

We can include in the build (at least I do ) :

- native FilePicker, incuding the possibility to choose native one (allows URLs entries like http:// .. ) - new Chart module

20th June

(pl) some very minor cleanups

19th june

(pl) #i75228# initialize all members

(hdu) ATSLayout::GetBoundRect() is also called for positioned text (e.g. in Insert->SpecialChar)

(hdu) log usage of unimplemented methods

18th June

(hdu) ATSLayout::GetBoundRect(): do not reverse y-measurement in flipped context

(pl) : #i78600# change AQUA_LOG default behaviour

(hdu) workaround for ATSUI not using trailing spaces for justification

16th June

(pjanik) Add vcldemo demo application.

(pjanik) New demo application that draws something.

(pjanik) vcl is now WaE clean, remove the workaround introduced in the past.

15th June

(pl) #i75228# replace timer implementation

14th June

(tra) copy /paste partial (only text) : work in progress, checked in to have it saved in the repos.

(hdu) register OOo-specific temporary fonts

13th June

(ericb) draw correct button for Comboboxes (Ismael will complete)

(hdu) ATSLayout::GetIdealX(): get multiple widths at once

(hdu) better text measurements, PDF export, etc. by faking point==pixel

(hdu) PDF exported text can now be searched

(hdu) ImplMacFontData gets the GetImplFontCharMap() method

12th June

(hdu) fix PDF font properties => correct font sizes

(hdu) refactor ATSLayout::InitGIA() => much better text measurements (and less resource leaks)

(pjanik) Remove FIXME comments, revert original tabbing to prevent useless changes.

(pjanik) Backport masterfix from SRC680_m215 to aquavcl01. It will be removed when we resync to SRC680_m215+.

11th June

(ekato) issuse #78288: Fix for a wrapped line.

(hdu) simplify SystemFontList header even more

(hdu) simplify SystemFontList header

(hdu) implement methods needed for PDF export

(hdu) aquaport: link PSPLIB statically

10th June

(hdu) add PSPLIB for static linking

9th June

(ekato) Don't pass NULL to CFRelease().

(pjanik) Cleanup, prepare for integration.

8th June

(pjanik) fix typos.

(pjanik) No headless plugin on AQUA.

(hdu) provide subsetting lib-archive for aqua port

(hdu) fix CMAP table loading in AquaSalGraphics::GetImplFontCharMap()

(pl) preparations for XOR mode using basebmp BitmapDevice

7th June

(ericb) #i77549# be sure CFRelease every time

(hdu) #i77549# redesign how system preferences are found

(hdu) remove salfontutils.cxx that has been obsoleted by salatsfontutils.cxx

(thb) #i10000# Fixed build break for enable-dbgutil build again - this time also patching STLport-4.5-macxp-panther.patch

(6th June)

(ericb) resync with m214 : New Chart is now inside

(hdu) aqua: build fontsubsetting for static linking

(hdu) optimistic assumption that all ATS fonts are subsettable

(hdu) minor code reshuffling to prepare for PDF font subsetting

(hdu) read and digest a MacFont's CMAP table : should be usefull for PDF export

(5th June)

(hdu) fixed justified text for huge fonts : now justified text works

(pl) implemented AquaSalFrame::SetPointerPos() #i77534#

(pl) CFString <-> OUString conversion + other usefull functions for type conversion between Apple API and, like :

CFStringRef rStr = CreateCFString() ,

rtl::OUString GetOUString()

(hdu) DrawText: refresh correct rect, remove unneeded CGContextTranslateCTM() call

(ericb) #i72248# new patch for spirit, to include the correct macos.hpp in boost includes

(4th June)

(ericb) Development snapshot announced

(shaun) mac website modified for development snapshot announce

(pl) antialias in context only if appropriate

(pl) solve compile problem

(ericb) fix little warnings in salatslayout.cxx

(hdu) ATSLayout: justified text starts to work

(hdu) implement ATSLayout::DisableFontScaling() to prevent drawing problems with huge fonts

(pl) #i78078# add: window command dispatcher

(hdu) #i72248# prevent inconsistent builds for TARGET_CARBON platforms

(2nd June)

(ekato) Use kFontFamilyName if it is appropriate.

(ekato) Consider an user language setting with GetSystemFontSetting()

(1st June)

(pl) deactivate vclplugin in QUARTZ

(pl) don't builds useless library ( we don't need libvclplug in aqua port)

(pl) check context before setting blendmode ( does fix very visible issue : white cell in Calc )

(pl) preliminary: use blendmode hack for XOR mode

(31th May)

(Shaun) prepared the webiste for development snapshot announce

(cloph) Torrent are available for develoment snapshot of Aqua version

(pl) Added desktop and framework into aquavcl01 : to add preferences in menu entries, and improve about

(pl) other fix for captureMouse ( do not dipatch artificial dispatch mouse move if another frame has captured the mouse since posting)

(pl) save and restore to protect the context

(pl) fixed menu popup jump of highlighted text

(pl) implemented captureMouse , using overlay window

(ericb) testing new functions to retrieve highlighted color (and other) from System Preferences ( proof of concept only)

(30th May)

(hdu) fixed madness in formula when switching from formula to text

(hdu) removed font size in UpdateSettings() to avoid overwritting fonts size from Appearance Manager

(hdu) cleanup in ATSLyout::DrawText()

( Etsushi Kato ) commited change to implement preedit text drawing from input method

(28th May)

pl proposed a new AquaSalGraphics implementation.

Needs a review and some tests

(26th May)

(ericb) goodbye uggly grey

(24th May)

(pl) Various changes (from Bonsai database) : do not use XOR on QUARTZ either, implement flush, no view on VirDev

(pl) fixed issue 77755 : bad resizing /positionning for parent windows

(pl) Philipp Lohmann added AQUA_LOG to trace on Aqua -> Usage : export AQUA_LOG=off

(hdu) started MacOSXIntegrator to use System Fonts ( objective : Aqua version now will uses Lucida Grande or System default if different)

(pl) fixed issues 77529 and 77530 Implement AquaSalFrame::Get/SetWindowState

(23th May) :

(hdu) fixed some text breaking/text measurements : works started (works already)

(hdu) fixed refresh issues using mrRGBColorSpace = CGColorSpaceCreateWithName(kCGColorSpaceGenericRGB); instead of : mrRGBColorSpace = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB(); " in vcl/aqua/source/gdi/salgdi.cxx (~105)

(pl) did AquaSalFrame non copyable

(pl) added InitShow() + centered windows relative to parents : now splashscreen appears centered, like all windows having parents

Note : In the long run it is planned to handle modal dialogs differently rolling down from the parent' titlebar is AFAIK the method on Mac ( Ismael started some experimentation for his Google SoC )

(pl) Contextual menus are shadowed

alpha 0.9

(22th May)

thb: proposed a patch to workaround the missing animations in Impress (issue 77692) ( verified working )

fheckl: fixed problem when switching between OOo picker and native picker ( verified working )

hdu: fixed the refresh and clipping => many problems with wrong clipping and wrong graphics attributes are gone

hdu: fixed the text drawn at bad size when resizing

(19th may)

Begining of Drag and Drop (Tino)

Using Aqua keyword, 123 issues created + macport user created.

user macport assigned means nobody is working on the issue. Once someone assigned the issue to himself + sert issue as started, means issue has an owner.

Experimental code to test SetThemeWindowBackground to refresh everything (ericb) (18th may)

+: refresh is ok, bitmap refresh is ok when scrolling, typing text works in writer , pulse effect works, refresh checkbuttons works, refresh the window during scrolling works

-: no more cursor, excessive system load (lot of Begin /EndGraphic()

Important infos / WIP

The main work in progress is about refresh not working in all situations. We isolated the cause: very probably the clipping is either missing, or buggy.

Once fixed: pulse effect for buttons, text refresh (blinking cursor, and bitmaps in menus will be ok.

ericb add Aqua look for toolbars and tooltips (17th may)

alpha 0.8

Christian Bernd Krippendorf joined the port (16th May)

hdu: memcpy sizeof(data) instead of sizeof(pointer) bytes (16th May)

hdu: fix ATSLayout::GetTextWidth() for multiple glyph-bound-trapezoids

msicotte: added definition for makeCGptArray - helper for AquaSalGraphics::invert

msicotte: added AquaSalGraphics::invert(ULONG nPoints...

hdu: implement stretched/squeezed text

hdu: prepare font rotation directly in ATSUI units

hdu: simplify a little by removing dead code

hdu: enable bold-/italic-emulation for fonts only if needed

mikesic: #77317# - fix for wrong menu displayed when last Writer window closed

ericb: add pulse effect (it will help to verify refresh issues are fixed)

pl: safer yield mutex protection through guards

hdu: default to standard font attributes

pl: protect against dispatching to dead or dying AquaSalFrames

ericb: #i77327# add alpha to user install dir until Aqua version is stabilized

hdu: rewrote ATSUFontID-based font enumeration

mikesic: Workaround for issue 77262 - frames around selected items don't disappear

mikesic: Fix for issue 74392 - aquavcl01: tooltip crash

mikesic: Fix for issue 77261 - Menu disappears when you hover over tooltip

mikesic: Fix for issue 75889 - aquavcl01: Extended tooltips text truncated

fheckl: adapting to changes since resync (aquafilepicker01)

fheckl: enabling fps_aqua lib only for aqua build

pjanik: Reformat for easier reading (according to OOo C++ rules).

Monday 15th May


Yvan Barthelemy provided the first screenshot for printing :)


F 73688: use default font system (WIP, hdu)

several fixes in salatsuifontutils (hdu)

several fixes in salframe (pl)

defaut user install dir is now ~/Library/Application Support/ (ericb)

added pulse effect to help for refresh

Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th

F 74392: tooltip crash (mikesic)

(IMHO fixed with mikesic patch) 72250: toolbar icon click -> crash with aqua menus (not fixed? Worksforme)

F 74392: tooltip crash (mikesic)

alpha 0.7

Sun decided to officialy supports the Mac OS x port (3rd May)

Welcome to Philipp Lohmann and Herbert Duerr , who joined the Team (3rd May)

resync m211 (1st May)

[Top 10 of issues] modify Bundle tree (issue 73693): change committed 28th April (ericb)

Google SoC: welcome to Ismael Merzaq and Omer BarOr , our two selected candidates: ismael will work on aqua look (NWF), and Omer will work on Mac OS X Address Book Integration.

resync: m208 (11th April)

(exp / not commited) Ismael proposed a patch for Utility Windows more Aqua compliant + SetMin/MaxSize() (9th April)

Native menus are defaults (ericb) (8th April)

Frederic Barbaise (alias boulifb) joined the port (3rd April)

Work on saltimer.cxx started mikesic (27th March)

Pavel commited Michael patch for invert and drawAlphaRect() (27th March)

Started 27th March

alpha 0.6

Damien started to work on drawEPS()

plipli and ericb work on refresh

Michael Sicotte proposed to investigate in timers, and continue [Pavel's work]: objective is to replace obsolete code. (23th March)

[experimental] plipli proposed a patch for a new salframe implementation, using HIView + optionally compositing (21th March)

[commit scheduled] Michael Sicotte proposed a complete patch for invert() (SAL_INVERT SAL_INVERT_50 and SAL_INVERT_TRACKFRAME) (20th March)

Tino proposed to work on code cleanup in salatsuifontutils.cxx, removing obsolete code

ismael and michael work on invert() + drawAlphaRect()

Started (19th March) :

alpha 0.5

Top 10 Summary: 7 issues over 10 are fixed or very close to be:

time to code review, tracing, and search for memory leaks

[done] Unicode input in salframe (ekato) (19th March)

[experimental, works partially] beginning of HIView + HIComboxes works (text still missing) (ericb + plipli) (14th March)

[done] replace NewRgn() in salframe (ericb (11th March)

[experimental, but very interesting] Improved native windows (ismael) (7th March)

alpha 0.4

[Informative] build runs with Leopard 9A377a (fheckl) (7th March)

Refresh screen issues (plipli) (4th to 10th March)

[informative] plipli announced progress with refresh screen issues (28th February)

[experimental, not yet commited] Proxy configuration from system (pjanik) (28th February)

[done] highlighted native button (pjanik) (27th February)

Native File Picker works (fheckl / pjanik) (23th February )

alpha 0.3

Cursor does appear -> invert() + setting a setBlinkTime value in UpdateSettings() (pjanik /ericb)

[done] mirroring negative images (ismael) + DrawAlphaBitmap() + CreateWithMask()

pjanik patch for Focus Events

[done] scrolling works (pjanik) (17th February)

[done ] carret works (plipli) (17th February)

[done] checkbuttons fix for checkmarks (ericb) (17th February)

[Informative] Pavel Janik propose to solve offScreen buffer using HIView (17th February)

[experimental, never commited] patch for macosxrc.txt use + UpdateSettings() use in salframe.cxx (ericb (16th February)

Michael Sicotte joined the Team (15th February)

invert(): first try (ericb) (13th february)

alpha 0.2

[12th February 2007 ]

[done] calc does not start: bug identified by tino , first workaround (ericb) [issue 73691]

[done] bitmaps in native popup menus (ismael)

[done] replace obsolete code for HandleWindowPaintEvent(), newRgn() .. etc (ericb) (12th February)

correct salatslayout patch (plipli) (11th February)

[Informative] Michel Renon proposed a summary about his work on fonts issues

[patch] Pavel fixed several menu crashes (09th February)

[Informative]: Pavel posted a mail about several crashes origin

patch for radioboxes and checkboxes (ericb) (9th February)

first complete patch for salatslayout.cxx (plipli) (9th February)

[done] most important crashes fixed (pjanik) (09th february)

Modified baseline for 2.2.: Mac OS X10.4 -> Aqua will be 10.4 and 10.5 compatible only (ericb)

first try with multi line sallayout (plipli) (08th February)

Damien Duportal joined the Team (7th February)

[done] scrollbar changes (ericb) (4th February)

alpha 0.1

create Top 10 of issues before alpha 3rd February 2007: See: [Top 10 of issues]

[experimental, not commited] patch for TPT() implementation (ericb) (2nd February 2007)

Pavel Janik proposed to implement TransformProcessType() (2nd February 2007)

[not commited] implement UpdateSettings() (ericb)

Pavel Janik resynchronized aquavel01 cws with m202 (2nd February 2007)

alpha 0.03

Michel Renon joined the Team (1st February)

[done] fix checkbuttons and radiobuttons issues: offsets, redrawing of the check marks (ericb)

[done] fix scrollbar buttons (implement correct methods to retrieve dimensions)

[done] implement mapfiles for Mac OS X (Stephan Bergmann, Daniel Boelzle, Tino Rachui , Pavel Janik)

alpha 0.02

[done] modify libsalsystools.dylib to be correctly loaded with the bundle (ericb, + pjanik)

[done] add mouse drag events (pjanik)

alpha 0.01

[done] add new feature for Aqua windows, to allow QuickTime player use(mox)

[done] replace obsolete code in salframe.cxx with (ericb)

[done] fix correct size for main window (GetOptimaWindowSize() ) (ericb)

[done] fix alpha channel in pixmaps (ismael)

alpha 0.0

[done] pushbutton where not correctly drawn (ericb)

[done] fix missing mouse events (pjanik)

[done] fix nRepeat in text entry (ssa)

2nd Mac porters Meeting

Work in progress


Top of issues causing crashes: event issue when tips is enabled causes crashes (well known window / handler / window desctructor / event loop bug)

Salatsuifontutils: replace old code, track leaks: tino

[done] Bitmaps: (isma87)

[running] Crashes: (tino, pjanik, ericb, isma87, plipli)

[???] Drag and drop: (vijay)

[???] Printing (ybart)

Florian Heckl proposed a subject for Google Summer of Code about native printing

Drawing/ windowing (plipli / ericb) -> mainly refresh

[done] Implement cursor

[started] Native Controls (ericb)

[work in progress] partial multiline sallayout (plipli)

To do:

(started, Oliver) - modify the tree to make the bundle start without hack (issue fixed during buildtime)

(started, Florian Heckl) verify Native FilePicker implementation (works , tested in Hamburg )

[done] Ismael Merzaq) implement blit functions in salgdi (important fix: probably apha version to be tested once done)

[done] Sebastien Plisson- update the missing functions list (fonts ... ask hdu & cl

[started] ericb, Mox Soini, Sebastien Plisson, Tino Rachui, Pavel janik continue to replace obsolete code

fix crashes with menus (started: tino)

Aquavcl01 integration

Log of discussion 26th June 2007 on #ooo_macport

Sort of documentation about VCL around Native Mac OS X port

Do we really need to understand how it works? ;-)

vcl content:

ls -laR | wc -l


-> Uff 1750 files to analyse :-/

Our purpose is to describe the vcl organisation. The content of vcl is so important, that at the begining, the content will looks a bit confused. e.g. class names ..etc have nothing to do, only description with words and sense, but this will need some time before we can understand everything.

How analyse with more efficiency? After some months to anlalyse "horizontaly", it appears that list all the content of a directory is not the solution. Of course, we learned a lot, but we now have to complete with "orthogonal" method (compared to the previous one). The first method wasn't obviously not the good/best way to describe vcl.

[FIXME] a different approach (will ask confirmation to Philipp Lohman), could be a description of how it work in runtime. First define what an instance is, a frame, and what exactly is concerned by such "objects".

With that, we can write a list of different objects all using the same scheme: empty boxes (means pure virtual methods and classes in generic libvvcl), really implemented in the specific part, and finally, the API "encapsulated".

The most difficult is to see where the API is used. But for all the parts, this is the same.

Finally, what is important is the design of vcl. Which patterns are used? What are the dependencies, how works the stack for the events, how works the scheduler, the timers too is very important, even fundamental for Aqua implementation. Will have a look at gsl mailing list, and other resources. Probably everything is already (randomly) written somewhere.

VCL organisation

Thank's to Philipp Lohmann for this short, but precise description:

Basically vcl is divided in the system dependent and the system independent part. The interface between these two is mostly the Sal interface (every interface name Sal*: SalInstance, SalFrame, SalGraphics, SalPrinter, etc.).

SalInstance is a factory that can create all the other abstracted interfaces of the system dependent part. It also provides the main loop SalInstance::Yield()

SalFrame abstracts any kind of system window.

SalVirtualDevice abstracts an offscreen window (e.g. a Pixmap on X11)

SalPrinter and SalInfoPrinter abstract the system print queues where SalInfoPrinter is for querying and SalPrinter for actual printing.

SalGraphics is an interface produced by either SalFrame, SalVirtualDevice or SalPrinter which is used for actual drawing operations (text, bitmaps, vector graphics)

SalSound is for sound playing.

SalBitmap provides memory for bitmap graphics as well as methods converting this memory to a system handle (e.g. a Pixmap on X11).

SalOpenGL provides OpenGL functionality if available.

SalTimer is an interface for periodically triggering the event queue (to timer implementation).

SalI18NImeStatus handles how the status window of an Input Method Editor (IME) should display (this is mainly X11 specific).

SalSystem has some system specific methods that did not belong anywhere else:-)

Of all these there interfaces is at least one implementation per system (Windows, X11 or Mac). The Unix implementation also has a plugin concept to allow for integration of different native toolkits (currently gtk and Qt) which became necessary for the implementation of Native Widget Framework (NWF) to display controls like their normal desktop counterparts.

Basically the independent part (what is beneath vcl/source directory) has generic methods for drawing, window handling and stuff which it brings into a suitable form and then delegates to the system specific implementation (located beneath vcl/win for Windows and vcl/unx for the X11 platforms).

Ericb 16:12, 1 July 2006 (CEST)

Sub-directories description

Organisation of vcl directories

Aquavcl organisation complete 02.jpg

Directories in vcl. Short description

aqua : The name Aqua means Apple look and feel, and is well known as Aqua Human Interface Guidelines. This look and feel means Mac OS X. The work was begun by (probably) P. luby, Dan Williams Herbert Duerr (most of fonts stuff) and Ed Peterlin. Currently in ruin, this directory does contain a lot of ideas to investigate. The most important part of needed changes for native version (3.0) will be done inside aqua dir inc: does contain all vcl relative includes [PART1]

prj : Does contain build.lst and d.lst build.lst give us dependencies: probably a lot for vcl, build 98th module over ~148. Everything graphical depends in vcl.

qa does contain all quality assurancy stuff

source: the most important:-) This directory contains common sources for all architectures and OS. Mainly: Windows, Unix: Linux , Mac OS X (X11), Solaris, including generic, kde and gtk plugins, and Aqua (Mac OS X without X11, work currently in progress).

Depending on the OS and the architecture, binaries are built or not.

test : This directory does contain all the needed stuff for tests. As example, in qa/testdocuments, you'll find three documents (one writer, one calc and one impress) for tests purpose. Other available tests are about memcheck and persistent window state.

unx : this directory does contain all unixes stuff. We have to understand what is inside to implement aqua port. For example, a lot of classes/strutures and objects use Xlib calls we have to replace with Carbon/Cocoa call (at least at first time) for Mac OS X native port.

win : Doing Mac OS X native port, I first believed this directory was not interesting for us, but I was wrong: roots are inside this directory, and a lot of comments and resources are inside. Mainly interesting if Carbon is used.

workben: Does contain a toy called "svdem". svdem is a binary, used for new implementations. For example, actual aqua development uses svdem intensively, to verify all important properties we need:

- display a window first (al least ...:))

- close cleanly this window

- display a point

- trace a line

- trace an area

- superpose two areas doing some important graphical operations, (like xor),

- display a character

- display a menu.

- intercept events correctly.

[FIXME] add more tests

Ericb 13:21, 3 June 2006 (CEST)

Naming convention

  • Class names start with upper case letters, to improve readability.
  • Implemented Class names are derived from the virtual classes but can of course take arbitrary names.

To increase readability, it's recommended to closely follow the base class name.

  • Impl prefix: means Implementation details. The concerned class or method or function is not used outside of this module, so no external code (or other libraries) can see it.

Events types using Carbon API (Mac OS X): A lot of events have to be managed in runtime. Here is a short description

- do not freeze because bad event loops

- event types implementation: currently, they are defined in vcl/aqua/inc/aquavclevents.hxx

Apart: exact sense of hedabu? -> [FIXME] as far as I understood it: it is like "copy" to deliver software into the solver, with extra magic. The header files for example are manipulated so paths need not be exact. "headabu" is supposed to disappear little by little.

What do we have to build in vcl?

Two libraries, corresponding ressources (localized) and a toy so called « svdem »

Common part:

in grey on right. The result will be a non architecture dependant library, built in all cases: for instance, libvcl680mxi.dylib on Mac Intel.

Specific part " a plugin " :

Light yellow: aqua part will only concern Mac OS X (non X11) the name will probably be libvcl_aqua680mxi.dylib

As you can see, win means windows part, in blue

For Unix build (Linux, Solaris or current Mac OS X X11), in purple.

Result will be:

libvclplug_PLUGIN680mxi.DLLSUFFIX , where PLUGIN can be iether gen (generic) or gtk (using gtk+) or kde (using qt), and DLLSUFFIX can be either .so (linux) or .dylib (Mac OS X) ...etc (I'm not sure for other cases).

Example: libvcl680mxi.dylib and libvclplug_aqua680mxi.dylib

In runtime, libvclplug_aqua will be linked to libvcl680. the first one will contain the real implementation (respecting the API, e.g. Carbon) while the generic libvcl will only contain pure virtual methods ...etc like "empty boxes".

Current Aqua content

A more complete description of aqua (Mac OS X / no X11 specific): Vcl aqua organisation 02 tree.jpg

EXISTING objects to build in aqua

Sal APP "everything application"

[FIXME] add all objects descriptions


  • Defined in plugin exclusively (i.e. for headers)

Unix: unx/source/app/saldata.cxx (header in unx/inc)

Aqua: aqua/source/app/saldata.cxx (header in win/inc)

Windows: win/source/app/saldata.cxx (header in aqua/inc)

  • Role: saldata contains various kind of data used by the implementation for the concerned platform. It is a bunch of global data collections reserved for the platform

It is just completely platform dependent, and nobody except this plugin can see it.

Saldata is something like a "second sal", but providing an abstraction regarding windowing and graphics, while SAL module provides an abstraction more Operating System oriented)

e.g.: have a look at XRequest array in vcl/unx/source/app/saldata.cxx => all calls are for Xlib (X11). Ok, useless there, but interesting:-)

[FIXME]: use Windows implementation could be a good starting point. Nothing is the same, but the current aquavcl cws uses similar objects, and it works very correctly.

saldatax.cxx uses classes SalInstance, SalObject, SalFrame, SalVirtualDevice, SalPrinter and fontList.

Current list of possible objects who can be instantiated/released:

structure SalData: does contain pointers on all kind of objects from other classes used in saldata.

inline functions: [FIXME]: complete the description

- SetSalData: - GetSalData: - GetAppSalData:


=> implemented in vcl/aqua/source/app/salinst.cxx


  • get environment, mutexes, instantiate AquaSalInstance (Ctor, Dtor),
  • instantiates/releases a lot of other objects using Get() / CreateObject() / DestroyObject() methods.

Current list of possible objects who can be instantiated/released:

* VirtualDevice [FIXME]: exact role?

- GetDefaultPrinter/ CreatePrinter() / DestroyPrinter - what a name ;-) -

- InfoPrinter (Get/Create/Delete)

- PrinterQueue (DeletePrinterQueueInfo / GetPrinterQueueInfo / GetPrinterQueueState)

* System (Create / Delete) [FIXME]: what means system here?
* Events: 




* Menu / MenuItem: 

AquaSalInstance::CreateMenu() / same for DestroyMenu()

AquaSalInstance::CreateMenuItem / same DestroyMenuItem()

* Sound: 

AquaSalInstance::CreateSalSound() => object to a pointer of SalSound type

Note: AquaSalInstance::DestroySalSound is not implemented (?)

* Timer: CreateTimer() /

AquaSalInstance:: DestroyTimer() is not yet implemented (?)

Class MacImeStatus: inherits of SalI18NImeStatus

-> only there to see if there is a window to toggle into menubar [FIXME]??

AquaSalInstance::CreateI18NImeStatus(): instantiates MacImeStatus

For futher informations, see: Content of salinst.cxx

(Ericb 16:11, 20 May 2006 (CEST))


Role: if possible, runs the standard vcl application code SVMain()

(Ericb 16:15, 20 May 2006 (CEST))





The main problem with SalTimer is the code we use is obsolete. To remove this deprecated code, sevarl work have been tried

1) Pavel Janik, in issue 75228

works, but a serious problem is remaining (a thread issue, nothing anybody explained yet)

2) eric bacahrd (code will be attached soon)

3) Michael Sicotte, who proposed to work on that, and continue Pavel implementation.

SalTimer description





AquaSalTimer::Installtask() // yet needed?

Sal GDI (everything Graphical Display Interface)


native controls


==> implemented in vcl/aqua/source/gdi/salatslayout.cxx

- Handle text layouting :

   * Use ATSUI (ATSUCreateTextLayoutFromPtr) to layout the text unicode char buffer
   * Use ATSUI (ATSU..) to get informations about glyphs
   * Populate different arrays (mpGlyph2Chars, mpChars2Glyph, mpCharsWidths, mpGlyphAdvances)
     that are used in various methods.




sal bmp






Sal Window


Documentation in progress, from damiend : Damiend page


TO BE IMPLEMENTED (missing in Aqua)


VCL implementation of OpenGL is obsolete-> first plan canceled

New plan

Use existing Windows implementation as model, and bind Cocoa OpenGLView from Apple customCocoaOpenGL code sample (see files aquaOpenGLView.h and aquaOpenGLView.m like in the Cocoa implementation of the AquaPrintView


  • Define interface of the AquaOpenGLView class [done using Apple code]
  • Define the implementation of the AquaOpenGLView class [done, using Apple code]
  • Define the OpenGL implementation strategy in OGLTran_Transitioner.cxx
  1. aquaOpenGLView.m will stand in vcl/aqua/source/gdi
  2. aquaOpenGLView.h and vcl/aqua/inc
  3. aquaOpenGLView object will be built in libvcl.dylib


  1. complete the class OGLTransitionerImpl implementation (for QUARTZ only, mainly define the right GLWin structure members)
  2. complete OGLTransitionerImpl::initWindowFromSlideShowView() ( QUARTZ case)

Philipp Lohmann suggestions :

create your own OpenGLView with the view of the parent window as superview

like NSOpenGLView pMyView = [[NSOpenGLView alloc] init....]

and then [pView addSubView: pMyView]

commit the changes ?


test ?  :-)






native sound







[FIXME]: is session manager usefull?

Native Controls


Works as expected. The most important work is done

See: Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Native_Controls#ScrollBar

DrawThemeButton() documentation


See: Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Native_Controls#ComboBox


Draws a button.

OSStatus DrawThemeButton (
   const Rect * inBounds,
   ThemeButtonKind inKind,
   const ThemeButtonDrawInfo * inNewInfo,
   const ThemeButtonDrawInfo * inPrevInfo,
   ThemeEraseUPP inEraseProc,
   ThemeButtonDrawUPP inLabelProc,
   UInt32 inUserData
A pointer to a structure of type Rect. Pass a rectangle specifying the boundary of the button, in local coordinates.

A value of type ThemeButtonKind. Pass a constant specifying the type of button to draw. 
See “Theme Buttons” for descriptions of possible values.

A pointer to a structure of type ThemeButtonDrawInfo. Before calling DrawThemeButton, 
set the structure to contain the new state, value, and adornment for the button. 
DrawThemeButton uses the information passed in the inNewInfo and inPrevInfo parameters
to apply transitional animation or sound effects as the button state changes, if such are 
specified under the current theme.

A pointer to a structure of type ThemeButtonDrawInfo. If the button state is changing,
set the structure to contain the previous state, value, and adornment for the button, 
to allow DrawThemeButton to apply any transitional effects. If the button state is not 
changing, you can pass NULL.

A value of type ThemeEraseUPP. If you have a custom background, use this parameter to pass
a universal function pointer to an application-defined function such as that described in 
ThemeEraseProcPtr. DrawThemeButton calls this function to erase the background before drawing
 the button. If you pass NULL, DrawThemeButton's default behavior is to erase the background
 for you.

A value of type ThemeButtonDrawUPP. If you pass a universal function pointer to an 
application-defined function such as that described in ThemeButtonDrawProcPtr, DrawThemeButton
 calls that function to draw the label of the button. If you pass NULL, no label is drawn.

An unsigned 32-bit integer. Provide any data to be passed in to the callback functions specified in 
the inLabelProc and inEraseProc parameters. Pass NULL if you do not wish to provide any data.

Return Value
A result code. See “Appearance Manager Result Codes”.

The DrawThemeButton function draws a theme-compliant button. If a ThemeEraseProcPtr is 
specified in the inEraseProc parameter, DrawThemeButton uses that function to erase the 
background of the button before drawing the button. After the button is drawn, if a
ThemeButtonDrawProcPtr is specified in the inLabelProc parameter, DrawThemeButton calls
that function to draw the button’s label.

Note that DrawThemeButton also draws any appearance adornments for the button and that these
can extend beyond the button’s basic bounding rectangle, as specified in the inBounds parameter,
and may be of variable shape. You may therefore wish to call the function
GetThemeButtonBackgroundBounds to obtain the actual rectangle containing the pixels belonging
to a button under the current theme.

Version Notes
This function is available with Appearance Manager 1.1 and later.

Available in CarbonLib 1.0 and later when Appearance 1.1 or later is present.
Available in Mac OS X 10.0 and later.
Declared In

HIComboBoxCreate() documentation

Creates a combo box control.

OSStatus HIComboBoxCreate (
   const HIRect* boundsRect,
   CFStringRef text,
   const ControlFontStyleRec* style,
   CFArrayRef list,
   OptionBits inAttributes,
   HIViewRef* outComboBox
The bounding box of the control.

The default text in the editable portion of the control. Can be NULL.

The font style of the both editable text and the text in the disclosure list. Can be NULL.

The default values available in the disclosure list. Can be NULL.

The default attributes of the combo box. For possible values, see “Combo Box Attributes”.

On exit, a pointer to a reference for the new control.

The combo box can be used in compositing mode, as well as traditional Control Manager mode.
When created, this view is invisible. To see the view, you must show the view by calling HIViewSetVisible.

What is used for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

Description of the dependencies





Content of Aqua

Click here to see the complete list

Content of vcl/inc


1) Where to find includes

<foo/bar.hxx> means you can find bar.hxx in the foo module. The new style file is foo/inc/foo/bar.hxx, old style is foo/inc/bar.hxx and sometimes the file is somewhere else in the tree or generated. The deliver process copies/generates the file into solver at solver/680/build_type/inc/foo. Good for fixing broken builds. ;-)

2) suffix .h (for C calls or first version?) or .hxx (C++)

A) Family of includes:

Looking more closely at the list brings to the fore (expression from dictionary ;-)) that include names are informatives. Most of the time, the name gives the function/role. What is interesting is the files with name begining with "sal". sal means System Abstraction Layer + include's function (or explicit name).

Partial list, for example:








sallayout.hxx (main header for fonts services) ... salmenu salnativewidgets ...etc

Other important families are "sv" and "uno" or "win" (window) prefixed. sal family will be analysed apart.

B) Includes of includes

Some includes are more important than other. To prove this, just have a look is sufficient: some are always needed, and some more rarely.

To verify, a simple test to do in vcl/inc:

egrep -H "#include" ./* | wc -l gives me 681 lines ! And some of them are the same...

To know more, the precedent command line can be modified to make appear the numerous call to the same includes files.

egrep -H "#include" ./* | cut -d"#" -f2 | sort > liste.txt

The content of liste.txt is explicit: dllapi.h, sv.h and some other are very important, while some other includes are only one or two times used. We can see too that vos includes are numerous, even if vos is deprecated**


I'm nearly sure that a complete analysis of just this result will give us a lot of information.

I propose to change the order of analysis starting with dllapi.h and sv.h.

[to be continued]

B1) "sal" includes family

salinst.hxx This seems to be the main include file







sallayout.hxx <-- see Native Fonts implementation



B2) Classicals includes

file: abstdlg.hxx [ means abstract dialog ]

This includes does contain the following classes definitions:

[FIXME]: choose a precise presentation template for classes





uses <tools/solar.h> , <tools/string.hxx> +


Note: dllapi.h is very interesting because when we have to find (for example) a library suffix, SAL_DLLEXTENSSION can replace all suffixes (every OS's and archs). Just including sal/config.h does it !


Window -> what? [FIXME] ResId -> what?

Does contain the prototype of VclAbstractDialog, inherit of VCL_DLLPUBLIC

file: dllapi.h [ dll for dynamic linked library ] Uses: <sal/config.h> and >sal/types/h> includes: VCL_DLLPUBLIC macro

file: accel.h [ means accelerator ]


Accelerator { } ImplAccelEntry { public members:


mnId maKeyCode mpAccel mpAutoAccel mbEnabled }

function / returns / parameters

ImplGetKeyCode / void / KeyFuncType eFunc, ref rCode1 , ref rCode2, ref rCode3

file: accel.hxx

Uses: <sv.h> , "dllapi.h" ,<tools/resid.hxx>, <<tools/rc.hxx>


ImplAccelData; ImplAccelEntry;

Important Links

Progressive implementation

Native Font server Implementation Mac OS X Porting - Native Fonts

Native Sound Implementation: Mac OS X Porting - Native Audio and Video

Native Printing Implementation: Mac OS X Porting - Native_Printing

Drag and Drop implementation: Mac OS X Porting - Native Drag and drop

Data Acquisition: Mac OS X Porting - Data Acquisition

This work is part of

[to be continued:-) ]

Keyboard comparizon between / Mac OS X application

[FIXME] redo a cleanest array

Modifier + key Result TextEdit returns
ALT a æ æ
ALT b ß ß
ALT c © ©
ALT e ê ê
ALT f ƒ ƒ
ALT i î î
ALT l ¬ ¬
ALT m µ µ
ALT n ~ ~
ALT o œ œ
ALT p π π
ALT r ® ®
ALT u º º
ALT z  Â
ALT C ¢ ¢
ALT F · ·
ALT L | |
ALT N ı ı
ALT U ª ª
ALT ` @ @
ALT £ # #
ALT * ¥ ¥

Sous réserve d'erreur ou omission Ericb 00:05, 14 January 2007 (CET)

Register a new IRC channel

To register an IRC a channel, this one must exist



-> if you are registered user, the channel is created

You have to register it :

help : /msg chanserv help register, returns :

/msg chanserv register PASSWORD

( choose a password, and don't forget it ! )

3) to keep all customizations, you must set a guard

Help : /msg chanserv help set, returns :

[10:53] -ChanServ- Syntax: SET <channel> <option> [parameters]

[10:53] -ChanServ-

[10:53] -ChanServ- Allows the channel contact or level 25 to set various

[10:53] -ChanServ- channel options and other information. All options may

[10:53] -ChanServ- be abbreviated, such as:

[10:53] -ChanServ- /msg ChanServ set #channel CONT newcontact

[10:53] -ChanServ- to set the CONTACT nickname to "newcontact". For more

[10:53] -ChanServ- specific information on each option, type:

[10:53] -ChanServ- /msg ChanServ HELP SET <option>

[10:53] -ChanServ-

[10:53] -ChanServ- Available options:

[10:53] -ChanServ-

[10:53] -ChanServ- CONTACT Set the contact of a channel (contact)

[10:53] -ChanServ- ALTERNATE Set the alternate contact for the channel

[10:53] -ChanServ- PASSWORD Set the contact password (contact)

[10:53] -ChanServ- MLOCK Lock channel modes on or off

[10:53] -ChanServ- TOPICLOCK Restrict topic changes

[10:53] -ChanServ- PRIVATE Hide channel from ChanServ lists

[10:53] -ChanServ- SECUREOPS Stricter control of chanop status

[10:53] -ChanServ- SECURE Activate ChanServ security features

[10:53] -ChanServ- ENTRYMSG Send a message to users upon entry

[10:53] -ChanServ- EMAIL Set the channel email address

[10:53] -ChanServ- URL Set the channel url

[10:53] -ChanServ- GUARD Have ChanServ join your channel

[10:53] -ChanServ- SPLITOPS Let anyone keep ops from a netsplit

[10:53] -ChanServ- VERBOSE Notify chanops on access changes

Correct command is :

/msg chanserv set guard on

[11:01] >chanserv< set guard on

[11:01] * ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined

[11:01] * gives channel operator status to ChanServ

Other commands :

Set me as contact :

/msg chanserv set contact eribc2

[10:59] >chanserv< set contact eribc2

/msg chanserv set contact ericb2

[11:00] >chanserv< set contact ericb2

Set security features on

/msg chanserv set secure on

[11:03] >chanserv< set secure on

[11:03] -ChanServ- Toggled Security for channel [ON]

Set Topic Lock on

/msg chanserv set topiclock on

[11:04] >chanserv< set topiclock on

[11:04] -ChanServ- Toggled Topic Lock for channel [ON]

Channel ops

[11:05] -ChanServ- Toggled Verbose for channel [ON]

[11:06] * ericb2 gives channel operator status to lgodard

/msg chanserv set verbose on

[11:05] >chanserv< set verbose on

[11:05] -ChanServ/ ericb2! enabled notices of

  1. access list changes

[11:05] -ChanServ- Toggled Verbose for channel [ON]

/msg chanserv access add ericb2 20

[11:11] >chanserv< access add ericb2 20

[11:11] -ChanServ- [ericb2] has been added to the access list for with level [20]

[11:11] -ChanServ/ ericb2! ACCESS [] ADD ericb2 20

[11:11] -ChanServ- You have been added to the access list for with level [20]

[11:11] -ChanServ/ ericb2! ACCESS [] ADD lgodard 10

/msg chanserv access add rbircher 10

[11:11] >chanserv< access add rbircher 10

[11:11] -ChanServ- [rbircher] has been added to the access list for with level [10]

[11:11] -ChanServ/ ericb2! ACCESS [] ADD rbircher 10

[11:13] * ericb2 has changed the topic to: Welcome to project: The channel for the education Project.

Website :

[11:13] >chanserv< access add louis_to 10

[11:13] -ChanServ- [louis_to] has been added to the access list for with level [10]

[11:13] -ChanServ/ ericb2! ACCESS [] ADD

louis_to 10

Hope this help :)

--Ericb 15:00, 22 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Avoid Warnings

What follows is based on wae4extensions, wae4binfilter01, wae4binfilter02 cws's.

Variables initialization in C++

Associated typical warning :


C++ langage requests that variables are declared. Variables can be declared at any place (same in C, when using C99 standard). To use a variable, one has to define it, means give it a name, AND a data type to be stored, then the compiler can reserve a memory location for it.

Define it

One variable can be defined as follow :

type Name_of_variable;

Or, if ever there are several variables with the same type :

type Name_variable1, Name_variable2, ...;

Note: for readability reason, prefer one line per variable :

type Name_variable1;
type Name_variable2;


char my_character = 'B';
short nValue = 10;

Initialize it

Variable declaration does only reserve a place for it, where store it. Until a value has been defined for it, this variable does contain a random value (garbage), what is not acceptable.

Good practice, coupled with good Design, consists in initilalize the variable, and the best moment is at declaration time.

Affectation operator is = , and the syntax is:

type Name_of_the_variable = value;

For example :

float nFoo = 125.36;

Other cases (examples)


const String* pRet; // Bad 
const String* pRet = NULL  ; //  Good: until &pRet is used, we have no content in pRet


Typical warning :

Example of fix :

sal_Int16 nMode;  // Bad 
sal_Int16 nMode = 0;  // Good


sal_Bool bParaSpace;  // bad -> random value, or whorst, the previous one will be used
sal_Bool bParaSpace = sal_False;  // good

Other examples ( specific)

Ctors initialization in C++

Most of the issues we have, are due to a non matching order between the ctor in the interface, and the implementation.

Typical warning :

../../inc/bf_starmath/symbol.hxx: In constructor 'binfilter::SmSym::SmSym()':

../../inc/bf_starmath/symbol.hxx:102: warning: 'binfilter::SmSym::bDocSymbol' will be initialized after

../../inc/bf_starmath/symbol.hxx:96: warning:   'String binfilter::SmSym::aSetName'

/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_starmath/source/starmath_symbol.cxx:84: warning:   when initialized here

As you can see, the order of the declaration in the prototype differs of the one in the implementation ( starmath_symbol.cxx for instance).

To avoid warnings, we must reorder the variables/members/functions initialization in the Ctor, in the .cxx, or in the header, but only in the case the initialization follows the definition (find such initialization in the header is basically strange or maybe wrong, but that's not the point)

For example :

Index: binfilter/bf_forms/source/component/forms_GroupManager.cxx
RCS file: /cvs/framework/binfilter/bf_forms/source/component/forms_GroupManager.cxx,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.8 forms_GroupManager.cxx
--- binfilter/bf_forms/source/component/forms_GroupManager.cxx	10 Apr 2008 07:46:20 -0000	1.8
+++ binfilter/bf_forms/source/component/forms_GroupManager.cxx	6 May 2008 11:45:41 -0000
@@ -100,8 +100,8 @@
-		:m_nTabIndex( 0 )
-		,m_nPos( -1 )
+		:m_nPos( -1 )
+               ,m_nTabIndex( 0 )

Enumerations in C++

When X cases are defined in an enumeration, and only several used in a switch, without a "default" case being defined, warnings are ttriggered at build time by the compiler.

Typical warnings (can be extremely verbose) !! ):


In member function 'void binfilter::SmXMLExport::ExportFont(const binfilter::SmNode*, int)':


warning: enumeration value 'TEND' not handled in switch


warning: enumeration value 'TLGROUP' not handled in switch


warning: enumeration value 'TRGROUP' not handled in switch


warning: enumeration value 'TLPARENT' not handled in switch


warning: enumeration value 'TRPARENT' not handled in switch

[... lot of lines including all other cases not handled in switch .. ]


warning: enumeration value 'TRDBRACKET' not handled in switch


warning: enumeration value 'TUNKNOWN' not handled in switch


warning: enumeration value 'TDEBUG' not handled in switch

Verbose warnings can be avoided simply adding :


For example :

@@ -831,6 +830,8 @@
 /*N*/ 		case SC_CAT_INSERT_TABS :
 /*N*/ 			pDoc->DeleteTab( aRange.aStart.Tab() );
 /*N*/ 		break;
+/*N*/       default:
+/*N*/       break;
 /*N*/ 	}
 /*N*/ 	SetState( SC_CAS_REJECTED );
 /*N*/ 	RemoveAllLinks();

Be carefull: before to add default case, please verify you don't break the algorithm.

Unused variables

Bad copy paste can lead to defined but never used variables -> compiler complains, and create warnings.

Typical warning :

/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_starmath/source/starmath_cfgitem.cxx: In member function 'binfilter::SmSym binfilter::SmMathConfig::ReadSymbol(binfilter::SmMathConfigItem&, const rtl::OUString&, const rtl::OUString&) const':

/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_starmath/source/starmath_cfgitem.cxx:412: warning: unused variable 'nTmp16'

Solution: see unused parameters (Stephan Bergmann explanation)

Variables in catch blocks

A varialbe well defined and initialized, but put in catch block, can trigger warnings.

Solution: cast the variable using void type

For example :

@@ -3310,7 +3309,7 @@
 	catch(RowSetVetoException& eVeto)
-		eVeto;
+		(void)eVeto; // makes compiler happy

Missing braces in arrays

Every compounded members of an array, must be inside round braces { }

Typical warning :

/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_sw/source/core/bastyp/sw_calc.cxx: At global scope:
/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_sw/source/core/bastyp/sw_calc.cxx:181: warning: missing braces around initializer
/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_sw/source/core/bastyp/sw_calc.cxx:181: warning: missing braces around initializer

... lot of lines, typically one per line in the array

For example :

Index: binfilter/bf_sw/source/core/bastyp/sw_calc.cxx
RCS file: /cvs/framework/binfilter/bf_sw/source/core/bastyp/sw_calc.cxx,v
retrieving revision 1.10
diff -u -r1.10 sw_calc.cxx
--- binfilter/bf_sw/source/core/bastyp/sw_calc.cxx	10 Apr 2008 15:13:22 -0000	1.10
+++ binfilter/bf_sw/source/core/bastyp/sw_calc.cxx	6 May 2008 11:45:49 -0000
@@ -150,34 +150,34 @@
 _CalcOp	__READONLY_DATA aOpTable[] = {
-/* ACOS */    {sCalc_Acos,		CALC_ACOS},  // Arcuscosinus
-/* ADD */     {sCalc_Add,        CALC_PLUS},  // Addition
-/* AND */     {sCalc_And,        CALC_AND},  	// log. und
-/* ASIN */    {sCalc_Asin,       CALC_ASIN},  // Arcussinus
-/* ATAN */    {sCalc_Atan,       CALC_ATAN},  // Arcustangens
-/* COS */     {sCalc_Cos,        CALC_COS},  	// Cosinus
-/* DIV */     {sCalc_Div,        CALC_DIV},   // Dividieren
-/* EQ */      {sCalc_Eq,         CALC_EQ},   	// gleich
-/* G */       {sCalc_G,          CALC_GRE},  	// groesser
-/* GEQ */     {sCalc_Geq,        CALC_GEQ},  	// groesser gleich
-/* L */       {sCalc_L,          CALC_LES},  	// kleiner
-/* LEQ */     {sCalc_Leq,        CALC_LEQ},  	// kleiner gleich
-/* MAX */     {sCalc_Max,        CALC_MAX},  	// Maximalwert
-/* MEAN */    {sCalc_Mean,       CALC_MEAN},  // Mittelwert
-/* MIN */     {sCalc_Min,        CALC_MIN},  	// Minimalwert
-/* MUL */     {sCalc_Mul,        CALC_MUL},  	// Multiplizieren
-/* NEQ */     {sCalc_Neq,        CALC_NEQ},  	// nicht gleich
-/* NOT */     {sCalc_Not,        CALC_NOT},  	// log. nicht
-/* OR */      {sCalc_Or,         CALC_OR},   	// log. oder
-/* PHD */     {sCalc_Phd,        CALC_PHD},   // Prozent
-/* POW */     {sCalc_Pow,        CALC_POW},	// Potenzieren
-/* ROUND */   {sCalc_Round,      CALC_ROUND},	// Runden
-/* SIN */     {sCalc_Sin,        CALC_SIN},  	// Sinus
-/* SQRT */    {sCalc_Sqrt,       CALC_SQRT},	// Wurzel
-/* SUB */     {sCalc_Sub,        CALC_MINUS},	// Subtraktion
-/* SUM */     {sCalc_Sum,        CALC_SUM},  	// Summe
-/* TAN */     {sCalc_Tan,        CALC_TAN},  	// Tangens
-/* XOR */     {sCalc_Xor,        CALC_XOR}   	// log. xoder
+/* ACOS */    {{sCalc_Acos},		CALC_ACOS},  // Arcuscosinus
+/* ADD */     {{sCalc_Add},        CALC_PLUS},  // Addition
+/* AND */     {{sCalc_And},        CALC_AND},  	// log. und
+/* ASIN */    {{sCalc_Asin},       CALC_ASIN},  // Arcussinus
+/* ATAN */    {{sCalc_Atan},       CALC_ATAN},  // Arcustangens
+/* COS */     {{sCalc_Cos},        CALC_COS},  	// Cosinus
+/* DIV */     {{sCalc_Div},        CALC_DIV},   // Dividieren
+/* EQ */      {{sCalc_Eq},         CALC_EQ},   	// gleich
+/* G */       {{sCalc_G},          CALC_GRE},  	// groesser
+/* GEQ */     {{sCalc_Geq},        CALC_GEQ},  	// groesser gleich
+/* L */       {{sCalc_L},          CALC_LES},  	// kleiner
+/* LEQ */     {{sCalc_Leq},        CALC_LEQ},  	// kleiner gleich
+/* MAX */     {{sCalc_Max},        CALC_MAX},  	// Maximalwert
+/* MEAN */    {{sCalc_Mean},       CALC_MEAN},  // Mittelwert
+/* MIN */     {{sCalc_Min},        CALC_MIN},  	// Minimalwert
+/* MUL */     {{sCalc_Mul},        CALC_MUL},  	// Multiplizieren
+/* NEQ */     {{sCalc_Neq},        CALC_NEQ},  	// nicht gleich
+/* NOT */     {{sCalc_Not},        CALC_NOT},  	// log. nicht
+/* OR */      {{sCalc_Or},         CALC_OR},   	// log. oder
+/* PHD */     {{sCalc_Phd},        CALC_PHD},   // Prozent
+/* POW */     {{sCalc_Pow},        CALC_POW},	// Potenzieren
+/* ROUND */   {{sCalc_Round},      CALC_ROUND},	// Runden
+/* SIN */     {{sCalc_Sin},        CALC_SIN},  	// Sinus
+/* SQRT */    {{sCalc_Sqrt},       CALC_SQRT},	// Wurzel
+/* SUB */     {{sCalc_Sub},        CALC_MINUS},	// Subtraktion
+/* SUM */     {{sCalc_Sum},        CALC_SUM},  	// Summe
+/* TAN */     {{sCalc_Tan},        CALC_TAN},  	// Tangens
+/* XOR */     {{sCalc_Xor},        CALC_XOR}   	// log. xoder
 double __READONLY_DATA nRoundVal[] = {

Missing parenthesis around a boolean expression in an if

Typical warning :

/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_starmath/source/starmath_mathml.cxx: In member function 'void binfilter::SmXMLExport::ExportBrace(const binfilter::SmNode*, int)':

/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_starmath/source/starmath_mathml.cxx:3832: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value

For example :

@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@
    if ( ppPrev )
-      if ( *ppPrev = pNext )
+	if ( (*ppPrev = pNext) )

Comments interlaced (/* between /* and */)

/* */ is C comment and is not the best in C++ files. The problem is two C like comments cannot be interlaced.

When occuring, a warning is triggered

Typical warning :

/Users/ericb/Desktop/DEV300_m26/binfilter/bf_sfx2/source/doc/sfx2_objxtor.cxx:151:1: warning: "/*" within comment

Example of solution :

Index: binfilter/inc/bf_sw/unoobj.hxx
RCS file: /cvs/framework/binfilter/inc/bf_sw/unoobj.hxx,v
retrieving revision 1.7
diff -u -r1.7 unoobj.hxx
--- binfilter/inc/bf_sw/unoobj.hxx	11 Apr 2008 02:48:42 -0000	1.7
+++ binfilter/inc/bf_sw/unoobj.hxx	6 May 2008 11:45:59 -0000
@@ -584,7 +584,7 @@
     virtual void SAL_CALL removeVetoableChangeListener( const ::rtl::OUString& PropertyName,
                   const ::com::sun::star::uno::Reference
                   < ::com::sun::star::beans::XVetoableChangeListener >& aListener ) 
                        ::com::sun::star::lang::WrappedTargetException, ::com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException
-/*-----------------20.03.98 08:26-------------------
+//-----------------20.03.98 08:26-------------------
 /* das wird zunaechst nicht gebraucht - bisher fuer den XPropertySetCloner

Note: the code has been modified for readability reason.


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