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Education Project

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Logo of Education Project

Logo of  Education Project

Next meeting : Monday 15th of March

What is Education project ?

In OpenOffice.org, everything is project. And all websites starts using the rule : http://$(project).OpenOffice.org

e.g. : http://education.openoffice.org

At this point in time, this is an incubator project. This means that we have just begun and there is a lot more to do before attaining the status of a Project.

... we need you !

More details here

Our Mission in 3 points :

- Provide a place for OpenOffice.org users, in Education context: discuss about adapt OpenOffice.org to your pedagogy, your needs ..etc (all levels of Education are concerned)

- Provide and promote tools adapted to pedagogical use, around OpenOffice.org

- Write code together : we can teach you everything about OpenOffice.org code and how add your: just go ahead

Education Share.png Share

Education Contribute.png Contribute

Education Communicate.png Communicate

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