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Defines macro for peripheral pointers ( mouse, keyboard, paint (tablet) , timer (?), other, mouse and keyboard, any )

mouse -> 0x0001 , keyboard -> 0x0002, paint -> 0x0004 , timer -> 0x0008 , other -> 0x0010 , any => logical OR between all possibilities

Includes  :

includes sv.h -> includes tools/solar.h and tools/solar.h does contain types definition, with inclusions for sal/types and osl/endian.h

Note : common solar types defined in tools/solar.h are deprecated... sal_Bool sal_uInt8 sal_uInt16 sal_uIntPtr

Other stuff in tools/solar.h  : some platform dependant macros binary types inline conversion functions standard floating point definition (F_PI , F_PI2 (float pi/2) , F_PI4 , F_PI180, F_2PI ...etc) standard macros swap long, min, max, ... standard inline functions dll definitions (some are deprecated ? ) Os dependant macros for dll

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