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Mac OS X porter Team at WWDC 2008

What is WWDC 2008?

See Apple WWDC 2008

Our needs with Aqua version

  • Compile on Intel for PPC (if time UB) [ ]
  • Proxy icon in the title bar [ ]
  • Use of the apple remote, especially for presentations [7]
  • Printing to PDF to keep links in the same way as iWork does it. [8]
  • Translating the native dialogs to the Community supported languages (that Apple doesn't support).
  • Compiling on Leopard to run on Tiger. Note: QuickLook plugin ( from quicklookplugin01 cws) builds on tiger [9]
  • Import/Export of iWork documents [10]
  • Signing .app bundle.
  • Localize the voice for accessibility features ? (only english available for Voice Over at the moment)
  • Implement the native Color Picker
  • Knowing the API that integrates iLife (most important iPhoto, iTunes)

Interesting Labs

It is extremely important to organize us for Labs. The rule is extremely simple: bring your laptop, your code, and ask :)

==> Interesting Labs (click me) <==

The link for Labs agenda

Interesting Sessions

  • Performance Tuning Your Application with Shark
  • Making Your Application Scriptable
  • Managing X.509 Certificates and Digital Identities

==> All the Sessions (click me)<==


  • Michael Sicotte
  • Eric Bachard
  • Philipp Lohmann

Our Objectives at the WWDC 2008


1) Connection OOo Mac team / Apple engineers

-Goal 1.1: "Get infos, contacts, human to human conversation :-)"

-> Present our current work, methods and team to Apple people :

-> Meet them during WWDC: give us/them a face, keep contacts

-> Get their impression about what we have already done and what is still ToDo

2) Improve from Apple's engineers expertise

-Goal 2.1: "Give MacOS X users the OOo suite they deserve"

=> As mac platform and apple's product fans, we are proud to bring the quality and power of OOo to mac users community
=> Make OOo uses all the power of Mac OSX, including upcoming Leopard !

-Goal 2.2: " Mac port has to be as Apple HIG compliant as possible"

=> Define what is expected for User Interface of suite with people from Apple UI project
- FYI: Last year, Apple UI project proposed ericb to help us, once our native menus will be working. 
  This is now done.

3) Get code guidelines, tips, samples

-Goal 3.1: "Ask for code review and find code snippets"

-Goal 3.2: "Attend key Labs and Sessions to get full overview of Tiger/Leopard/Core's and useful code"

- Image capture
- Key signing (digital signature, to avoid Mozilla bazaar 
- Apple Remote

4) Social Contacts / Team emulation

Try to contact Pierre de Filippis, Sébastien Plisson and some other frenchies :)

-> Discuss and meet new developers and / or american people working for Mac OS X port (like Michael Sicotte, other..) -> Share ideas, tips, conviviality !

5) Visibility Native Mac port has to be recognized as the professionnal office suite for Mac users it is !

ericb's Agenda

The rule is extremely simple: bring your laptop, your code, and ask :)

Hours 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM Noon - 1:45 PM 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM Evening
June 9
begins at 10:00 am
Keynote Mac OS X
State of the Union
Open Hours
Compatibility Labs
Graphics & Media
State of the Union
Welcome Reception
June 10
Getting Started
with OpenGL
(North Beach)
Application Accessibility
Mac OS X
User Interface Design
Consulting Lab
Migrating from
Other Languages
Application Scripting Lab
New Compiler
Technology and
Future Directions
June 11
with Quick Look
Sync Services:
A Complete Tour
(Nob Hill)
Lunchtime Speaker
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Room: Presidio
Sync Services Lab File Systems Lab
June 12
Tips and Tricks
Cocoa Layer
Backed Views
Making Your Application
(North Beach)
Using Garbage Collection with Objective-C Image Capture
& Image Kit
X.509 Certificates
and Digital Identities
at Yerba Buena Gardens
San Francisco
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
June 13
Getting Started with the I/O Kit: Device Drivers on Mac OS Departure for the airport

Philipp's Agenda

  • On behalf of hdu: ask about "gray baseline" in aquabmpfix01

Michael's Agenda


Todo list

Please add topics, technical questions you would see asked by attendees to Apple engineers during WWDC

Suggestions for current issues to be fixed


I am volunteer to take over what follows:

  • Find information about SpotLight and QuickLook ( what happens with our generator ? How improve it ?)
  • Find information about Image Capture : API obsolete on Tiger, under NDA on Leopard ... can we trust 10.4 sources ?
  • Apple remote implementation


  • describe the schedule of the travel

ericb :

Basel -> Paris -> SF:  7th of June    SFO scheduled arrival: 12:30 
SFO departure 3:30 pm -> Paris -> Basel:  13th of June +1 (arrival 17:00h / 5:00 pm) 

Hotel: Hotel des Arts (close to Union Square)

Airport to Hotel transportation: (BART) not included

Michael Sicotte:

June 8  Houston -> Oakland  Arrive 12:05 pm
Hotel: Hotel des Arts (close to Union Square)
June 13 SFO -> Houston  4:25 pm

Philipp Lohmann:

  • Arrival in SF on 8th of June, 12:30 pm
  • Departure from SF 15th of June, 3:30 pm


  • don't forget sector adaptator for laptop: US connectors are different
  • don't forget Cameras (and chargers)
  • Prepare 50 to 100 business cards : the most simple is to use the model I can provide on demand , and print them with special paper (pre-cut)
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