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Draft : This page aims to create a reviewers guide, mainly maintained by the hard-core devs from the Mac port (but not only). Means the information has been put in random order, and maybe this is completely uggly. Please contribute if you think the outline is not correct, or if you catched an error .. or ..

Thanks in advance !!

Goal : create a Reviewers Guide for Aqua, on Mac OS X

Aqua Screenshots

Feel free to add others. Better idea: propose little and high resolution of the same shot

Aqua Screenshots

Supported Versions and Architectures

Please note:

  • Mac OS X 10.3 (aka Panther) is no longer maintained after 2.2. version included
  • There is officialy no Universal Binaries archive provided, and you have to take care of the architecture (mentionned in the archive name)

Software version PowerPC processor Intel processor Aqua
(starting 3.0)
Works with Mac OS X
10.4, 10.5, and the 10.6pre (aka Snow Leopard)
Works with Mac OS X
10.4, 10.5 and the 10.6pre (aka Snow Leopard)
(starting 2.2 version)
Works with Mac OS X
10.4, 10.5
Works with Mac OS X
10.4, 10.5
(until 2.1 version included)
Works with Mac OS X
10.3 , 10.4, 10.5 (during 2007)
Works with Mac OS X
10.4, 10.5 (during 2007)

New features coming with the Aqua version of ( 3.x )

FIXME: add screenshots / links for high resolution images, for every feature

In addition of all the changes of the 3.0 papported to the 2.0 version, the Aqua version of brings the following new features (non exhaustive list)

  • Install by simple drag and drop.

What you see after double clicking the downloaded .dmg :

Drag it 1.jpg

Simply Drag the on Applications folder :

Drag it 2.jpg

Other possibilities: drag the icon (aka the" Bundle " ) elsewhere is possible. Just do what you prefer, keeping in mind Applications folder is the prefered one

  • The Aqua version of no longer needs X11
  • NEW Start center

Start center3.jpg

  • Look and Feel Aqua, using Cocoa API
  • Many useful extensions available (e.g. PresenterScreen or PDF-Import)
  • Main Application Menu on the main menu ( on Top of the screen ) ( no more menus in the window frames)
  • Improved accessibility (Voice Over, Zoom, Contrast .. nd so on)

FIXME : Describe accessibility features

  • Apple System fonts are transparently used (ATS server)
  • Integrated Mac OS X Address Book
  • Media Player using QuickTime ( videos and sounds: all QuickTime supported formats are supposed to work inside

Expected: Describe: the feature, the shortcuts, more features ( possible sound/movie file formats ), limitations

  • Integrated Apple SpellChecker

Expected: Describe: the feature, the shortcuts, what can be done with it, limitations and known issues

  • Copy Paste

Expected: Maybe a nive movie about DnD ?

  • Drag and Drop

Expected: Maybe a nive movie about DnD ?

  • Native Print Dialog box

Expected: Screenshots

  • Cocoa FilePicker

Expected: Screenshots

  • Spotlight Plugin

Expected: Describe: the feature, the shortcuts, what can be done with it

  • QuickLook plugin (limited to Mac OS X 10.5.x aka Leopard)

Expected: Describe: the feature, the shortcuts, what can be done with it, limitations and known issues

  • Multi monitors support


    • show the feature, how customize, tips
    • Show the presenter screen in actins
  • ... complete me (work in progress )

Scheduled features ( 3.1 )

  • Improved antialiasing FIXME: add a link
  • Truer compatibility with WebDAV-connected file systems => see issue 81536


FIXME: translate ..

We suppose you already downloaded an Aqua archive ( 3.0 version or superior )


  • screenshots !!
  • explain the .dmg
  • explain how to use it
  • comment the prefs, where they are located (shortcut)
  • describe the preferences, and what is important for the Mac user
  • how to locate/remove them

Mount the archive

A double clic is sufficient. If the archive is valid, and nothing goes wrong, you should obtain


Copy the Bundle in the Install dirC

In the frame, just drag the "" Icon on the "Applications" Icon : the Bundle will be copied into the Applciations folder.

The next step will start once this one will be finished

Dock the icon

What means dock an application ?

Dock an application means put its icon on the dock. This will allow to make the icon always visible, and then, start the application just clicking the icon !

Note: the number of icons you can dock is limited. (say around 40, what is not that bad ;-)

Process to dock the icon

1) Go in the Applications folder

2) Drag the icon somewhere in the dock (e.g. between two applications)

That's all !!

First launch

At the first launch, you'll be invited to answer a few questions. Please provide us feeedback : this is very important for us to improve the product.

FIXME : screenshots


Change the iconset
menus modifications

FIXME: provide examples+ screenshots

Using Webdav


This page is based on Herbert Duerr idea, and an example could be:

Page created: Ericb 16:54, 10 September 2008 (CEST)

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