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Mac port meetings in IRC are not scheduled on a regular basis. They are held on our IRC chat channel on #ooo_macport where you can usually find some macport developers (depending on their time zone of course). If you want to schedule a meeting (e.g. to vote on some change of direction of the port), please announce the meeting at least some days in advance on the mailing list These meetings are mostly on wednesdays at 13:00 UTC, but if you schedule a meeting please leave room for discussion on the timetable.

IRC server:

Channel: #ooo_macport

Documentation caution.png As of June 2021 all IRC traffic has moved to : #openoffice

These meetings are public, and everyone interested in development is welcome !

Next Meeting

Agenda for the next meeting

  1. Welcome new devs joining the port
  2. Roundtable

Previous Meetings

Logs are available from the previous Mac Meeting logs Wiki page.

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