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Jun 25 15:08:59 <paveljanik> We want to have aquavcl01 in. Two new strings there, only for Mac OS X.

Jun 25 15:09:24 <paveljanik> I still think we can reach the date but EIS outage didn't helped in it :-(

Jun 25 15:09:37 <_Nesshof_> paveljanik: what are you plan within the Mac Team for a 2.3 release ?

Jun 25 15:10:24 <paveljanik> _Nesshof_: X11 and semi-working version of aqua. Something like technical preview.

Jun 25 15:10:50 <paveljanik> aqua is very usable these days - even better than X11 in some aspects, but printing is not working yet. But this should be very easy.

Jun 25 15:11:08 <paveljanik> I have already switched to aqua for my daily work 8)

Jun 25 15:11:33 <paveljanik> every macporter will use aqua for his presentation in BCN

Jun 25 15:11:50 <_Nesshof_> fine

Jun 25 15:11:52 <rtimm> paveljanik: brave :-o

Jun 25 15:11:58 <paveljanik> and we want to get it in to switch to regular development mode.

Jun 25 15:12:10 <paveljanik> aquavcl01 is being cleaned up these days.

Jun 25 15:12:14 <paveljanik> that's all.

Jun 25 15:12:27 <_Nesshof_> paveljanik: who's doing the official Mac builds at this time ?

Jun 25 15:12:36 <paveljanik> _Nesshof_: maho. As always.

Jun 25 15:13:22 <_Nesshof_> what do you think when will be the time to make Mac one of our primary platforms ?

Jun 25 15:13:36 <paveljanik> (Sun?)

Jun 25 15:13:41 <paveljanik> or OOo?

Jun 25 15:13:50 <_Nesshof_> blauwal__: rtimm are there plan in Hamburg RE to do also Mac builds ?

Jun 25 15:13:58 <blauwal__> yes

Jun 25 15:14:09 <_Nesshof_> paveljanik: there is not difference IMHO

Jun 25 15:14:11 <blauwal__> the machine for RE will come early next quarter

Jun 25 15:14:30 <paveljanik> I think that after release of 2.3, we can start working on it.

Jun 25 15:14:36 <paveljanik> and targeting 3.0.

Jun 25 15:14:46 <paveljanik> another good reason to bump version number 8)

Jun 25 15:15:13 <blauwal__> yeah, a Mac version wpuld be a nice openener for OOo 3.0

Jun 25 15:15:53 <_Nesshof_> is MacOSX working in a virtual environment on regual x86 Desktop (Win, Linux) ?

Jun 25 15:16:11 <paveljanik> _Nesshof_: this is illegal according to the Mac OS X license.

Jun 25 15:16:28 <blauwal__> no way Aplle will allow this :)

Jun 25 15:16:49 <_Nesshof_> so also for QA we will need real Apple hardware sooner or later

Jun 25 15:17:00 <paveljanik> but I can imagine Mac Pro running several instances of Parallels with separate instances of Mac OS X. This *could be* legal.

Jun 25 15:17:10 <paveljanik> yes.

Jun 25 15:17:59 <paveljanik> but Intel Mini is cheap...

Jun 25 15:17:59 <_Nesshof_> has macjogi already done automated test on that platform ?

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