Using Print Ranges

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Using Print Ranges

Print ranges have several uses, including printing only a specific part of the data or printing selected rows or columns on every page. For more about using print ranges, see Chapter 6 (Printing, Exporting, and E-mailing) in the Calc Guide.

Defining a Print Range

To define a new print range or modify an existing print range:

  1. Highlight the range of cells that comprise the print range.
  2. Choose Format → Print Ranges → Define.

The page break lines display on the screen.

Tip.png You can check the print range by using File → Page Preview. Calc will only display the cells in the print range.

Adding to the Print Range

After defining a print range, you can add more cells to it. This allows multiple, separate areas of the same sheet to be printed, while not printing the whole sheet. After you have defined a print range:

  1. Highlight the range of cells to be added to the print range.
  2. Choose Format → Print Ranges → Add. This adds the extra cells to the print range.

The page break lines no longer display on the screen.

Documentation note.png The additional print range will print as a separate page, even if both ranges are on the same sheet.

Removing a Print Range

It may become necessary to remove a defined print range, for example if the whole sheet needs to be printed later.

Choose Format → Print Ranges → Remove. This removes all defined print ranges on the sheet. After the print range is removed, the default page break lines will appear on the screen.

Editing a Print Range

At any time, you can directly edit the print range, for example to remove or resize part of the print range. Choose Format → Print Ranges → Edit.

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