Going to a Particular Cell

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Going to a Particular Cell

Using the mouse

Place the mouse pointer over the cell and click.

Using a cell reference

Click on the little inverted black triangle just to the right of the Name Box (Figure 64). The existing cell reference will be highlighted. Type the cell reference of the cell you want to go to and press  ↵ Enter . Or just click into the Name box, backspace over the existing cell reference and type in the cell reference you want and press  ↵ Enter .

Using the Navigator

To open the Navigator, click its icon AOO41GS05 011 NavigatorIcon.png on the Standard toolbar, or go to the Navigator deck of the Sidebar, or press  F5 , or choose View → Navigator on the Menu bar, or double-click on the Sheet Sequence Number AOO41GS05 012 SheetsNumbers.png in the Status Bar. Type the cell reference into the top two fields, labeled Column and Row, and press  ↵ Enter . In Figure 70 the Navigator would select cell A7.

You can dock the Navigator to either side of the main Calc window or leave it floating. (To dock or float the Navigator, hold down the  Ctrl  key and double-click in an empty area near the icons in the Navigator dialog.) If you want a docked Navigator, using the Sidebar is typically the easiest approach. The Sidebar is described in Chapter 1. Introducing Apache OpenOffice.

AOO41GS05 013.png
Figure 70 : The Navigator in Calc

The Navigator displays lists of all the objects in a document, grouped into categories. If an indicator (plus sign or arrow) appears next to a category, at least one object of this kind exists. To open a category and see the list of items, click on the indicator.

To hide the list of categories and show only the icons at the top, click the Contents icon AOO41GS05 013a ContentsView.png. Click this icon again to show the list.

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