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Headers and Footers

Headers and footers are predefined pieces of text that are printed at the top or bottom of a sheet, outside the sheet area. Headers are set in the same way as footers.

Headers and footers are assigned to a page style. You can define more than one-page style for a spreadsheet and assign different page styles to different sheets. For more about page styles, see Chapter 4 (Using Styles and Templates) in the Calc Guide.

Setting a Header or Footer

To set a header or footer:

  1. Navigate to the sheet that you want to set the header or footer for. Choose Format → Page.
  2. On the Page Style dialog, select the Header (or Footer) tab. See Figure 103.
  3. Select the Header on option.
AOO41GS05 053.png
Figure 103: Header dialog

From here you can also set the margins, the spacing, and height for the header or footer. You can check the AutoFit height box to automatically adjust the height of the header or footer.


Changing the size of the left or right margin adjusts how far the header or footer is from the side of the page.


Spacing affects how far above or below the sheet the header or footer will print. So, if spacing is set to 1.00", then there will be 1 inch (2.54 cm) between the header or footer and the sheet.


Height affects how big the header or footer will be.

Header or Footer Appearance

To change the appearance of the header or footer, click the  More  button in the header dialog. This opens the Border/Background dialog (Figure 104).

From this dialog you can set the background and border of the header or footer. For more information see Chapter 4 (Using Styles and Templates) in the Calc Guide.

AOO41GS05 054.png
Figure 104: Header/Footer Border/Background

Setting the Contents of the Header or Footer

The header or footer of a Calc spreadsheet has three columns for text. Each column can have different contents.

To set the contents of the header or footer, click the  Edit  button in the header or footer dialog shown in Figure 103 to display the dialog shown in Figure 105.


Each area in the header or footer is independent and can have different information in it.


You can select from several preset choices in the Header drop-down list, or specify a custom header using the buttons below the area boxes. (To format a footer, the choices are the same.)

AOO41GS05 055.png
Figure 105: Edit contents of header or footer

Custom header

Click in the area (Left, Center, Right) that you want to customize, then use the buttons to add elements or change text attributes.

AOO41GS05 056 TextAttributesIcon.png Opens the Text Attributes dialog.

AOO41GS05 058 InsertFileName.png Inserts the File Name field.

AOO41GS05 060 InsertSheetName.png Inserts the Sheet Name field.

AOO41GS05 062 InsertCurrentPageNumber.png Inserts the current page number.

AOO41GS05 057 TotalNumberPages.png Inserts the total number of pages.

AOO41GS05 059 InsertDateField.png Inserts the Date field.

AOO41GS05 061 InsertTimeField.png Inserts the Time field.

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