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An option button control com.sun.star.awt.UnoControlRadioButton is a simple switch with two states, that is selected by the user. Usually option buttons are used in groups to display several options, that the user may select. While option buttons and check boxes seem to be similar, selecting one option button deselects all the other option buttons in the same group.

Documentation note.png Note, that option buttons that belong to the same group must have consecutive tab indices. Two groups of option buttons can be separated by any control with a tab index that is between the tab indices of the two groups.

Usually a group box, or horizontal and vertical lines are used, because those controls visually group the option buttons together, but in principle this can be any control. There is no functional relationship between an option button and a group box. Option buttons are grouped through consecutive tab indices only.

The state of an option button is accessed by the State property of its Model, where 0 is not checked and 1 is checked.

  Function IsChecked( oOptionButtonModel As Object ) As Boolean
      Dim bChecked As Boolean
      If oOptionButtonModel.State = 1 Then
          bChecked = True
          bChecked = False
      End If
      IsChecked = bChecked
  End Function

The state of an option button is also returned by the State property of the control, where False is not checked and True is checked. The code is greatly simplified:

  If oOptionButton.State Then
     ' The option is checked
     ' The option is not checked
  End If
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