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The check box control is used in groups to display multiple choices so that the user can select one or more choices. When a check box is selected it displays a check mark. Check boxes work independently of each other, thus different from option buttons. A user can select any number of check boxes at the same time.

The property State, where 0 is not checked, 1 is checked, 2 is don't know, accesses and changes the state of a checkbox. The tri-state mode of a check box is enabled by setting the TriState property to True. A tri-state check box provides the additional state "don't know", that is used to give the user the option of setting or unsetting an option.

  oCheckBoxModel = oDialog.Model.CheckBox3
  oCheckBoxModel.TriState = True
  oCheckBoxModel.State = 2

The same result is achieved by using the interface:

  oCheckBox = oDialog.getControl("CheckBox3")
  oCheckBox.enableTriState( True )
  oCheckBox.setState( 2 )
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