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All Toolkit control models have a set of identical properties referred as the common properties. These are the properties PositionX, PositionY, Width, Height, Name, TabIndex, Step, and Tag.

Documentation note.png Note that a Toolkit control model has those common properties only if it belongs to a dialog model. This has also some consequences for the creation of dialogs and controls at runtime. See Creating Dialogs at Runtime.

The PositionX, PositionY, Width, and Height properties change the position and size of a dialog, and control at runtime. When designing a dialog in the dialog editor, these properties are set automatically.

The Name property is required, because all dialogs and controls are referenced by their name. In the dialog editor this name is created from the object name and a number, for example, TextField1.

The TabIndex property defines the order of focusing a control in a dialog when pressing the tabulator key. The index of the first element has the value 0. In the dialog editor the TabIndex property is set automatically when inserting a control. The order can also be changed through the property browser. Take care when setting this property at runtime.

The Tag property adds additional information to a control, such as a remark or number.

The Step property is described in detail in the next section.

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