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The list box control displays a list of items that the user can select one or more of. If the number of items exceeds what can be displayed in the list box, scroll bars automatically appear on the control. If the Dropdown property is set to True, the list of items is displayed in a drop-down box. In this case, the maximum number of line counts in the drop-down box are specified with the LineCount property. The actual list of items is controlled by the StringItemList property. All selected items are controlled by the SelectedItems property. If the MultiSelection property is set to True, more than one entry can be selected.

It may be easier to use the interface when working with list boxes, because an item can be added to a list at a specific position with the addItem method. For example, an item is added at the end of the list by:

  Dim nCount As Integer, oListBox As Object
  oListBox = oDialog.getControl("ListBox1")
  nCount = oListBox.getItemCount()
  oListBox.addItem( "New Item", nCount )

Multiple items are added with the help of the addItems method. The removeItems method is used to remove items from a list. For example, the first entry in a list is removed by:

  Dim nPos As Integer, nCount As Integer
  nPos = 0
  nCount = 1
  oListBox.removeItems( nPos, nCount )

A list box item can be preselected with the selectItemPos, selectItemsPos and selectItem methods. For example, the first entry in a list box can be selected by:

  oListBox.selectItemPos( 0, True )

The currently selected item is obtained with the getSelectedItem method:

  Dim sSelectedItem As String
  sSelectedItem = oListBox.getSelectedItem()

The position of the currently selected item is obtained with the getSelectedItemPos method:

  Dim selectPos As Integer
  selectPos = oListBox.getSelectedItemPos()
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