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A single dimension can have several hierarchies, that is, several ways of grouping the elements of the dimension. For example, date values may be grouped:

  • in a hierarchy with the levels "year", "month" and "day of month".
  • in a hierarchy with the levels "year", "week" and "day of week".

The property UsedHierarchy of the com.sun.star.sheet.DataPilotSourceDimension service selects which hierarchy of a dimension is used. The property contains an index into the sequence of names that is returned by the dimension's getElementNames() method. OpenOffice.org API Calc currently has no user interface to select a hierarchy, so it uses the hierarchy that the initial value of the UsedHierarchy property selects.

The com.sun.star.sheet.DataPilotSourceHierarchy service serves as a container to access the levels object.

In the example, each dimension has only one hierarchy, which in turn has one level.

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