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The methods from the interface are used to provide descriptions of the user-visible functions.

The getDisplayFunctionName() and getProgrammaticFuntionName() methods are used to map between the internal function name, as defined in the interface and the function name as shown to the user of the spreadsheet application. The user-visible name, as well as the function and argument descriptions, can be translated strings for the language which is set using setLocale().

The getProgrammaticCategoryName() method sorts each add-in functions into one of the spreadsheet application's function categories. It returns the category's internal (non-translated) name. In addition, the getDisplayCategoryName() method provides a translated name for the category.

The getFunctionDescription(), getDisplayArgumentName() and getArgumentDescription() methods provide descriptions of the function and its arguments that are shown to the user, for example in the function AutoPilot.

Documentation note.png The getProgrammaticFuntionName() method name is misspelled, but the wrong spelling has to be retained for compatibility reasons.
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