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Starting Impress

You can start Impress in several ways:

  • From the Apache OpenOffice Start Center, if no component is open, click on the Presentation icon.
  • From the system menu, the standard menu from which most applications are started. On Windows, it is called the Start menu or use the Apache OpenOffice Quick-starter. On Gnome, it is called the Applications menu. For KDE it is identified by the KDE logo. With macOS, it is the Applications menu. Details vary with your operating system; see Chapter 1 (Introducing Apache OpenOffice).
  • From any open component of AOO. Click the triangle to the right of the New icon on the main toolbar and select Presentation from the drop-down menu or choose File → New → Presentation from the menu bar.

Documentation note.png When AOO was installed on your computer, in most cases a menu entry for each component was added to your system menu. The exact name and location of these menu entries depend on the operating system and graphical user interface.

When you start Impress for the first time, the Presentation Wizard is shown. Here you can choose from the following options:

  • Empty presentation, which gives you a blank document
  • From template, which is a presentation designed with a template of your choice
  • Open existing presentation
  • Click  Create  to open the main Impress window.

For detailed instructions about how to use the Presentation Wizard, see “Creating a New Presentation”.

If you prefer not to use the Presentation Wizard in the future, you can select Do not show this wizard again. You can enable the wizard again later under Tools → Options → OpenOffice Impress → General → New document, and select the Start with wizard option.

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