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The cell range interface accesses the column and row ranges in the current cell range. A column or row range contains all the cells in the selected column or row. This type of range has additional properties, such as, visibility, and width or height. For more information, see Columns and Rows.

  // --- Column properties. --- xColRowRange = (
      UnoRuntime.queryInterface(, xCellRange); xColumns = xColRowRange.getColumns();
  Object aColumnObj = xColumns.getByIndex(0);
  xPropSet = ( UnoRuntime.queryInterface(, aColumnObj);
  xPropSet.setPropertyValue( "Width", new Integer( 6000 ) ); xNamed = (
      UnoRuntime.queryInterface(, aColumnObj);
  System.out.println("The name of the wide column is " + xNamed.getName() + ".");
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