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Comments are code sections ignored by idlc. In UNOIDL, use C++ style comments. A double slash // marks the rest of the line as comment. Text enclosed between /* and */ is a comment that may span over multiple lines.

  service ImageShrink 
      // the following lines define interfaces:
      interface org::openoffice::test::XImageShrink; // our home-grown interface
      interface com::sun::star::document::XFilter;
      /* we could reference other interfaces, services and properties here.
         However, the keywords uses and needs are deprecated

Based on the above, there are documentation comments that are extracted when idl files are processed with autodoc, the UNOIDL documentation generator. Instead of writing /* or // to mark a plain comment, write /** or /// to create a documentation comment.

  /** Don't repeat asterisks within multiple line comments, 
    * <- as shown here
  /// Don't write multiple line documentation comments using triple slashes, 
  /// since only this last line will make it into the documentation

Our XUnoUrlResolver sample idl file contains plain comments and documentation comments.

  /** service <type scope="com::sun::star::bridge">UnoUrlResolver</type> 
      implements this interface.
  interface XUnoUrlResolver: com::sun::star::uno::XInterface
      // method com::sun::star::bridge::XUnoUrlResolver::resolve
      /** resolves an object, on the UNO URL.

Note the additional <type/> tag in the documentation comment pointing out that the service UnoUrlResolver implements the interface XUnoUrlResolver. This tag becomes a hyperlink in HTML documentation generated from this file. The chapter IDL Documentation Guidelines provides a comprehensive description for UNOIDL documentation comments.

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