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A add-on is an extension providing one or more functions through the user interface of A typical add-on is available as an extension for easier deployment with the Extension Manager. An add-on contains configuration files which specify the user interface, registration for a protocol schema and first-time instantiation.

The Extension Manager merges the configuration files with the menu and toolbar items for an add-on directly into the configuration files.

Overview supports the integration of add-ons into the following areas of the GUI.

Menu items for add-ons can be added to an Add-Ons submenu of the Tools menu and a corresponding add-ons popup toolbar icon:

Add-Ons submenu and toolbar popup

It is also possible to create custom menus in the Menu Bar. You are free to choose your own menu title, and you can create menu items and submenus for your add-on. Custom menus are inserted between the Tools and Window menus. Separators are supported as well:

Custom top-level menu

You can create toolbar icons in the Function Bar, which is usually the topmost toolbar. Below you see two toolbar items, an icon for Function 1 and a text item for Function 2.

Toolbar icons for Function 1 and Function 2

The Help menu offers support for add-ons through help menu items that open the online help of an add-on. They are inserted below the Help - Registration item under a separator.

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