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A factory can create an instance of components and pass additional arguments. To do that, a client calls the createInstanceWithArguments() function of the interface or the createInstanceWithArgumentsAndContext() of the interface.

  //javamaker generated interface
  //XSingleServiceFactory interface 
  public java.lang.Object createInstanceWithArguments(java.lang.Object[] aArguments) 
  public java.lang.Object createInstanceWithArgumentsAndContext(java.lang.Object[] Arguments,

Both functions take an array of values as an argument. A component implements the interface to receive the values. A factory passes the array on to the single method initialize() supported by XInitialization.

  public void initialize(java.lang.Object[] aArguments) throws;

Alternatively, a component may also receive these arguments in its constructor. If a factory is written, determine exactly which arguments are provided by the factory when it instantiates the component. When using the FactoryHelper, implement the constructors with the following arguments:

First Argument Second Argument Third Argument java.lang.Object[] java.lang.Object[]

The FactoryHelper automatically passes the array of arguments it received from the createInstanceWithArguments[AndContext]() call to the appropriate constructor. Therefore, it is not always necessary to implement XInitialization to use arguments.

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