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A short Apache OpenOffice Basic program indicates if the program runs went smoothly, by selecting Tools – Macro and entering a new macro name on the left, such as TestImageShrink and click New to create a new procedure. In the procedure, enter the appropriate code of the component. The test routine for ImageShrink would be:

  Sub TestImageShrink
      oTestComp = createUnoService("org.openoffice.test.ImageShrink")
      MsgBox oTestComp.dbg_methods
      MsgBox oTestComp.dbg_properties
      MsgBox oTestComp.dbg_supportedInterfaces
  end sub

The result should be three dialogs showing the methods, properties and interfaces supported by the implementation. Note that the interface attributes do not appear as get/set methods, but as properties in Basic. If the dialogs do not show what is expected, refer to the section Troubleshooting.

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