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Supported events triggered by code
onFirstRunInitialization Called on startup once after Apache OpenOffice is installed. Should be used for post-setup operations.
onFirstVisibleTask Called after a document window has been shown for the first time after launching the application. Note: The quickstarter influences this behavior. With the quickstarter, closing the last document does not close the application. Opening a new document in this situation does not trigger this event.
onDocumentOpened Indicates that a new document was opened. It does not matter if a new or an existing document was opened. Thus it represents the combined OnNew and OnLoad events of the global event broadcaster.

Supported events triggered by the global event broadcaster
OnStartApp Application has been started
OnCloseApp Application is going to be closed
OnCreate New Document was created
OnLoadFinished Document has been loaded
OnNew New Document was created visible. Unlike OnCreate this event is sent asynchronously at a time the view is completely created (see Issue 46484).
OnLoad Document has been loaded visible. Unlike OnLoadFinished this event is sent asynchronously at a time the view is completely created (see Issue 46484)
OnSaveAs Document is going to be saved under a new name
OnSaveAsDone Document was saved under a new name
OnSave Document is going to be saved
OnSaveDone Document was saved
OnPrepareUnload Document is going to be removed
OnUnload Document has been removed
OnFocus Document was activated
OnUnfocus Document was deactivated
OnPrint Document will be printed
OnModifyChange Modified state of the document has changed

Documentation caution.png Event names are case-sensitive.
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