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OOo Marketing Project

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This page lists the benefits for Educational establishments

  • Skills taught should be as ‘generic’ as possible and not tied to one vendor’s product
  • File and 'look and feel' compatibility with MS-Office
  • Being able to give away software is a good ‘selling point’ for courses
  • Excellent value for money
  • Powerful enough to cope with long academic documents, dissertations, etc
  • Build co-operative skills across the internet - OpenOffice.org is an international community with multiple opportunities for participation
  • No worries about license compliance / need to audit PCs
  • Good product to teach/learn: learn once, use anywhere
  • Likely to be available in local languages (could be translated as a community effort)
  • Network installation available for ease of administration


Education establishments of all levels (primary, secondary, college, university...) find OpenOffice.org 2 meets the needs of both teachers and students. The flexible word processor, powerful spreadsheet, dynamic graphics, database access and more meet all requirements for an office software package. With an open-source licence, OpenOffice.org 2 can be freely used and distributed with no licence worries.

For pupils and students

OpenOffice.org 2 forms an ideal teaching platform for core computer literacy skills, without tying students to commercial products. The free software licence means students can be given copies of software to use at home - perfectly legally - a useful 'added value'. For IT students, OpenOffice.org's component based software is also an ideal platform for developing IT skills and understanding real-life software engineering.

For teachers and academics

OpenOffice.org 2 is also an ideal platform for creating teaching materials and managing administrative tasks. For example, the Writer word processor is easy to use for simple memos, but also powerful enough to cope with complex dissertations. For IT staff, the open-source software licence means an end to licence compliance worries and the threat of software audits. OpenOffice.org 2 is developed, translated, and supported by an international community linked by the internet, opening exciting possibilities for school projects.

Open for all

OpenOffice.org 2 is a leading international force in the movement for digital inclusion - making software of the highest quality available to all, regardless of income. OpenOffice.org 2 is available in a wide variety of languages, and we actively encourage local teams to produce versions for local languages. We develop software on an open-source process - the computing equivalent of peer-reviewed publishing - creating software of the highest quality.

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