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Our goal is to create and maintain a central repository of Apache OpenOffice related graphics and artwork to provide dedicated tools, provide a proper environment for graphical art creation and internationalization in the benefit of the Apache OpenOffice Community and Projects, and also a central place where to direct artwork requests from the community.

All media, of any kind, is permitted in the Art Project. This includes video, audio, and animations.

Artwork and Branding

Even if we support creativity and independent production of artwork, we want to provide a positive attitude towards our program and our project as well as an improved public recognition of by visual means. Therefore it is necessary to create a consistent visual design providing this feeling that should be used throughout all appearances of our product and project in public.

This work is done in the Branding Initiative we started in the first months of 2010 together with people from related projects like marketing, website, user experience, the native-language confederation and others.

As a consistent look of is important for the project (not only because it shows our seriousness and professionalism, but also to improve public recognition) the branding initiative provides guidelines about the proper use of our logo and the central graphical elements. There are campaigns every now and then for special events (anniversaries, conferences, fairs) and specific use-cases (website, product, documentation etc.) that need new and improved artwork based on the central branding elements.

Any help in that area is apprechiated - please have a look at the branding initiative wiki pages!

Getting Started and Joining

  • A great way to start is to look around and follow the navigation bar at the top.
  • Read this page which has a vast amount of information on joining the Art Project.
  • Also, get started at the mailing list, this is where most of our discussion goes on, and is also a great place to ask for help in joining. (For art mailing archive look here)
  • See our current projects and activities here.
  • Look at related artwork at the galleries: Official Artwork, or Additional Artwork.

Requesting Artwork

If you want to request artwork or other media to be created by the Art Project, please follow this process:

  • First browse the galleries, Official and Additional Artwork. This way you can see if you can use something we have already made, or if we need to make it.
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for then proceed to contact the Art Project mailing list for the possibility of taking up your task.
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