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This page is to collect information on the Strategic Marketing Plan from 2010 on. It is to be considered work in progress.

For the "old" SMP, please refer to this wiki page.

Flipchart images from OOoCon SMP meeting

Page 1

Ooocon2010 smp flipchart1.jpg

Brainstorming, Goals of the SMP

  • Rule The World
  • To Break the monopoly (Like Firefox)
  • Establish Market Dominance for Open Format
  • 100% (?) City Councils to Adopt ODF
  • ODF Remcommended in Every Country
  • OOo used by every ministry of Education
  • ODF used by every ministry of Education
  • Universal Interoperability of Office Data
  • The Freedom that servers your Security
  • Reduce the Global Piracy Rate
  • Establishing Free Office Suites Everywhere
  • Creating Office Data that lasts for at least 25 years
  • Best Productivity
  • Increase the number of ISVs working with OOo
  • Remove proprietary formats from public sector
  • Becoming an information framework
  • Become the first choice for Document Processing
  • Seamless interaction of Office Documents int the Semantic Web
  • Accepted and Supported by all major service providers
  • Lowering the Entry barrier to the community
  • Establish an Open Standard for Business Communication
  • Fostering Cooperation with other communities
  • Most Satisfied users
  • Chosen because of desire, not only of need
  • Constantly growing community
  • Best integration with other FOSS products
  • Trustful communication within the community

Page 2

Ooocon2010 smp flipchart2.jpg

General Positioning message for OOo

Brain Storming

  • Free your files and the ass will follow
  • Puts you in the center
  • Control your Documents
  • Control the future of your Documents
  • You can start your better future right now
  • You can join us to improve your future
  • The Office Suite of the Network Millennium

Page 3

Ooocon2010 smp flipchart3.jpg

Distribution through third parties -- e.g. driver COs U.S.: Present at conference Collaborate with universities How to contribute Event with all cities using 100% OOo Communicate what we are doing on local level Content -- Presentations -- White papers -- Templates Brief SMP! Framework! Involve NLC

Page 4

Ooocon2010 smp flipchart4.jpg
OOo Marketing Project

Please view the guidelines
before contributing.



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