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OOo Marketing Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:


For news report on major deployment of inside governments, universities and other large instituitions and organizations, please see Major Deployments.



  • "Is there life without Microsoft Office?" by Allison Linn —
  • OpenOffice 2.0 tips: Creating database forms, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • OpenOffice 2.0 Base: Getting the right views, by Solveig Haugland —
  • How to use OpenOffice 2.0's database tool, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • OpenOffice tip: Everything about envelopes, by Solveig Haugland —
  • Interview with Michael Meeks: a GNOME hacker working on speed — Linux Format Interview archive
  • 2.0 Review, by Jem Matzan — The Jem Report
  • Toolbars in 2.0, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • MadPenguin interview series over the launch of 2.0, by Christian Einfeldt
    • Part 1: Sun Microsystems' Florian Reuter: will the real XML please stand up!
    • Part 2: Gary Edwards: 2.0 leaping over legacy lockdown with clean XML
    • Part 3: 2.0: An Office Suite With No Horizons
  • Follow the expert: Making an 2.0 presentation, by Solveig Haugland —
  • An introduction to Basic, by Mark Alexander Bain —
  • Writing a Program to Control, by Franco Pingiori — Part 1 and Part 2, Linux Journal
  • Creating an invoicing system with, by Dmitri Popov —
  • FOSS word processors compared: OOo Writer, AbiWord, and KWord, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Sharing files between and Microsoft Office, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Writer vs. Microsoft Word, by Bruce Byfield —
  • FOSS spreadsheet hands-on comparison, by Bruce Byfield —


  • Microsoft PowerPoint versus Impress, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Review: Using, by Peter H. Salus — Unix Review
  • Text Formatting with Writer, by Christian Paratschek —

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In order to create a one-stop central location for finding news, articles and reviews on, I recommend that links to relevant articles on from the following news source (and possibly other source) to be archived and re-posted on this Wiki page. What do you think? Feel free to speak up your mind in the Talk page. Your input is truly appreciated.--Wily Yuen Feb 14, 2006

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